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The M1_Abrams was able to run on Jet Fuel, along with diesel, kerosene, and any grade of motor gasoline.

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A 3 mile journey on a steam train, which would have taken 1,000 gallons of water and a tonne of coal, can be replaced by a diesel engine burning 18 gallons of fuel; that's a 98% fall in energy use between the two technologies.

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  1. Heating oil is diesel fuel. It is dyed red to indicate that it is not legal to burn in a diesel vehicle because the red dye indicates that there were no road taxes paid with it.

  2. A freight train can move 1 ton of material approximately 500 miles using 1 gallon of diesel fuel (on average).

  3. In the 1960s Chrysler developed a car powered by a gas turbine engine. It could rev to 44,500 rpm, sounded like a vacuum cleaner and could run on diesel, petrol, kerosine, jet fuel and as the President of Mexico proved, tequila.

  4. Tesla runs an entire island on solar power. The island of Ta'u in American Samoa used to consume 300 gallons of diesel fuel daily to run generators, fuel that had to be bought and shipped, but Tesla's solar panels and power packs provide 6 megawatt-hours of energy storage

  5. Plastic waste can be converted into fuel - gasoline, diesel or kerosine - needing only 1 kw of electricity make 1 liter of oil. This means all the plastic choking sea life, polluting the ocean, and filling landfills could have been used to power cars and machinery.

  6. Diesel and House Heating Oil are the same fuel. The difference is Heating Oil is dyed red and does not have a road tax applied to it making it cheaper. You can use it in off road machinery but it is illegal to use in a truck or car utilizing public roadways.

  7. NASA's spacecraft crawler transport vehicle gets 35 feet/gallon of diesel fuel.

  8. Bunker fuel is the generic term given to any fuel poured into a ship’s bunkers to power its engines. Deep sea cargo ships typically burn the heavy, residual oil left over after gasoline, diesel and other light hydrocarbons are extracted from crude oil during the refining process. It's very toxic

  9. Biodiesel is labeled as B, followed by a number. The number indicates the percentage of biodiesel in a biodiesel/petro-diesel blended fuel. B2 contains 2% pure biodiesel and 98% petro-diesel; B5 contains 5% pure biodiesel and 95% petro-diesel; and so on.

  10. Diesel began working with steam and researching fuel and thermal efficiency.

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Fuel (diesel) consumptation over two years

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Internal combustion engines use gasoline or diesel but these types of fuel are contributing to climate change and serious air pollution. Many viable alternative power systems are being developed to curb this environmental damage.

Diesel tree produces around 40 liters of oleoresin per year. Oleoresin can be used as biodiesel (type of eco-friendly fuel, which has less polluting effect on the atmosphere), hence the name "diesel" tree.

Bosch continued to make improvements to motor vehicles and in 1927 invented diesel fuel injection.

A 727, painted in American Airlines colors & converted to carry diesel fuel, was stolen in 2003 and never found

Canola oil is used as biodiesel (type of fuel that doesn"t pollute the atmosphere as much as conventionally types of fuel, such as diesel).

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Hemp is used in the manufacture of two, eco-friendly types of fuels: biodiesel and ethanol. Biodiesel releases nearly 50% less gases responsible for the pollution of the atmosphere compared to diesel.

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Jet Fuel (Jet A) can be used in Diesel Engines.

Diesel fuel is much easier and cheaper to refine despite it being more expensive nation wide

During a power outage in New York City in 2012, a team of people which included Squarespace CEO Anthony Casalena formed a bucket brigade to carry diesel fuel up 17 flights of stairs to power a generator keeping a data center online.

The Saturn V rocket burns up to 15 tons of kerosene and liquid oxygen fuel per second, and uses the power equivalent of 30 diesel locomotive engines just to pump all that fuel.

Diesel engines can "run away" and keep running after they are shut off, using their own oil as fuel. The only way to stop it is to block the air intake.

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As cars became more popular petroleum based fuel became more economical than biofuel and vehicles were designed to use gasoline and diesel instead of vegetable oils.

All parts of the coconuts can be exploited, even their hard shells. Husk and shell are discarded as waste after extraction of the fruit. They are used as fuel and source of charcoal. Coconut oil is used as a substitute for diesel fuel.

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon used the waste from his patients' liposuction to create bio-diesel to fuel his girlfriend's SUV.

Most jet fuel is infected by bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It consumes both jet and diesel fuel and most plastic hosing or housing used to contain those fuels. Growth inhibitor is added to prevent it from degrading aircraft engines over time. Oh, it can also infect people.

It takes 1,000,000 liters of diesel to fill the fuel tank on the president of UAE's yacht.

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A recent Antarctic expedition used jet fuel in their trucks, because diesel turns to jelly at -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Criminals in Ireland use kitty litter to remove dyes from diesel fuel in an operation known as Fuel Laundering

Diesel and home heating oil are the same thing. Heating oil is dyed red to indicate that it is not for sale for use in vehicles because it is not subject to fuel taxes.

Petroleum products, while used in the production of thousands of wide-ranging applications, the vast majority of refined oil in the USA (91.4%) is used for consumable fuels like Automobile Gas and Diesel Variants.

The Diesel engine and fuel are named after their inventor, Rudolf Diesel

Diesel engines don't have spark plugs, instead they use highly compressed hot air to ignite the fuel.

Because biodiesel has a higher flash point (meaning it won"t ignite as easy) than regular diesel, it is a safer fuel option.

The Texas City Refinery explosion was the result of a hydrocarbon vapor cloud being ignited by a runaway diesel engine. The vapor served as excess fuel (sucked through the air intake) creating a positive feedback loop. As the engine overheated, it backfired igniting the surrounding cloud.

Diesel is taxed at a higher rate than non-diesel fuel in the United States

A mid-size cruise ship’s diesel engine can use 150 tonnes of fuel each day, which would emit as much particulate as one million cars

Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, the first beef byproduct biodiesel train, ran on 80% regular diesel and 20% beef-based biofuel. Amtrak said the fuel reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions by 10%, cuts down on particulates by 15%, and reduces sulfates by 20% compared to standard diesel.

Audi has successfully made diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and steam, The diesel was produced through a process called high-temperature electrolysis, in which steam is heated before electricity is used to split the water vapor into hydrogen and oxygen.

At full power the Harmony of the Seas, the biggest ship in the world two 16-cylinder engines would each burn 1,377 US gallons an hour of some of the most polluting diesel fuel in the world. probably burn at least 150 tonnes of diesel fuel a day, and emit more sulphur than several million cars.

A lot of the trucks in North Korea don't run on diesel fuel, they instead run on another form of fuel commonly called "wood gas".

About a technology that takes carbon from the atmosphere and combines it with hydrogen (and water) to create a fuel that is chemically the same as gasoline. It can be used in all gas, jet fuel, and diesel engines.

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