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William Buckland, Dean of Westminster. Who upon being shown a preserved piece of Louis XIV's heart exclaimed, 'I have eaten many strange things, but have never eaten the heart of a king before' and proceeded to eat the piece.

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William Buckland (1784-1856), geologist and Dean of Westminster, claimed to have eaten his way through the animal kingdom (zoƶphagy.) According to him, the worst tasting animals are the mole and bluebottle fly. He is also rumored to having eaten the heart of King Louis XIV.

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  1. In 1848 William Buckland, the Dean of Westminster, ate a mummified piece of Louis the XIV's heart.

  2. The mummified heart of the Sun King (Louis XIV) was eaten by a mad English theologian and Dean of Westminster Abbey 130 years after the king's death. Previously, the heart had been sold to a painter who enhanced his red paint with the dried powder acquired from the heart.

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