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In order to supply water to the parks of the Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV ordered the construction of the machine Marly to pump water from the Seine located 10 km from the castle with a drop of 150 meters. This machine, considered one of the most complex of its time worked for 133 years

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Due to heavy inbreeding, Louis XIV of France (17th century) is descended from Louis IX of France (13th century) in 368 different ways

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  1. The first successful surgery to repair an anal fistula was performed on Louis XIV in 1686; anal fistula surgery then became highly fashionable, with members of the royal court lining up to undergo the procedure (whether they needed it or not) or faking it by placing bandages on their bums

  2. The table knife has a rounded tip because in 1669, Louis XIV decreed that all pointed knives be dulled down to reduce violence in Court and the streets.

  3. King Louis XIV was offered biological weapons by an Italian chemist. He refused to buy, and paid the chemist an annual salary to never sell his weapon to anyone else.

  4. In 1669 King Louis XIV banned pointed, sharp knives in an attempt to reduce violence, and that's why table knifes are dull and rounded today.

  5. In 1669, King Louis XIV banned the use of pointed dinner knives to discourage violent stabbing and tooth-picking at the dinner table, which eventually lead to the popularity of the modern butter knife.

  6. In 1700 King Louis XIV was the 1st king to tax the upper classes in French history as prior to this the rich would receive tax exemptions from previous kings

  7. Louis XIV's minister of finance had the huge Forest of Troncais created in 1670 to provide the future French Navy with a supply of oak masts. When the forest reached maturity 250 years later, the navy was busy switching to steam ships.

  8. When Louis the XIV of France was shown a new map of his country, which had been freshly surveyed by astronomers using more accurate methods, he saw that France had shrunk by 20 percent. He is said to have exclaimed, "I have just lost more territory to my astronomers than to all my enemies!"

  9. Salt and pepper are regarded as the two most important seasonings because the notoriously picky eater Louis XIV banned the use of all eastern spices beyond salt, pepper, and parsley.

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William Buckland, Dean of Westminster. Who upon being shown a preserved piece of Louis XIV's heart exclaimed, 'I have eaten many strange things, but have never eaten the heart of a king before' and proceeded to eat the piece.

King Louis XIV lived and ruled so long (72 yrs) that he is not only the longest reigning ruler of Europe, but his successor, Louis XV, was neither his son, nor his grandson, but his great-grandson. - source

The popularity of salt and pepper as near universal table condiments was due to Louis XIV who considered most other forms of seasoning a vulgar act. Today, over 27,000 tons of black pepper is consumed by US alone. - source

King Louis XIV of France was an avid ballet dancer and performed 80 roles in 40 major ballets in his lifetime - nearly the same amount of a professional ballet dancer.

Every morning up to 100 people would gather in King Louis XIV's room at Versailles to watch him wake up. They then watched his servants wash him, comb his hair, and dress him. - source

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The first surgery to establish surgery as a respectable branch of medicine was performed on King Louis XIV's anal fistula

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Louis XIV of France, who had many bastard children and mistresses while married to his cousin, Queen Maria Theresa of Spain, settled down and married a common woman named Francoise when the Queen died. He stayed faithful to her until the day he died, despite his adulteress past.

The mystery of the man in the iron mask has been solved, he was actually a disgraced military officer and not the twin brother of Louis XIV.

The British anthem was derived from a French song composed in the 17th century to celebrate the healing of Louis XIV's anal fistula.

Asparagus was the favorite type of food of King Louis XIV. Frenchmen started to cultivate asparagus in the greenhouse to ensure year-round stashes of this vegetable.

William and Francis Buckland, eccentric father and son scientists who both developed the desire to consume as many different animals as possible. It is believed William Buckland also ate the heart of King Louis XIV. Charles Darwin called him a “vulgar and almost coarse man”

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French King Louis XIV commissioned the creations of "Plans-reliefs", 3D maps of towns, landscapes and fortresses for planning military actions, starting in 1688. Hundreds were produced up until 1870 and many examples survive to this day in several museums in Paris.

King Louis XIV made everything he did into a ceremony, including waking up in the morning.

King Louis XIV had horrid anal fistulas. He had surgery to get them treated and the operation became the first success of its kind. 1686 was then declared “L’annee de la Fistule” (Year of the Fistula), and it became a trend for the French aristocracy to receive their own fistula operations.

William Buckland (1784-1856), geologist and Dean of Westminster, claimed to have eaten his way through the animal kingdom (zoöphagy.) According to him, the worst tasting animals are the mole and bluebottle fly. He is also rumored to having eaten the heart of King Louis XIV.

King Louis XIV chose to move to Versailles in 1682. He moved from another Royal palace and his home named the Louvre, in Paris.

Louis XIV would be understood by the Quebecois but not by the Parisians. The french accent changed drastically during the late XVIII century. Quebec is a reservoir.

The Man in the Iron Mask was a real person. He was imprisoned with a mask covering his face for decades. The idea of him having been related to king Louis XIV, and having had his mask made of iron, used by Alexandre Dumas in his D'Artagnan saga, was first coined by French philosopher Voltaire.

The common table knife is blunt and has a rounded tip due to King Louis XIV demanding the change to reduce bloodshed during feasts.

After Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter died in battle while fighting a French fleet, King Louis XIV of France respected him so much that he ordered cannons on the French coastline to fire in salute during de Ruyter's last journey home.

About Michael Shen Fu-Tsung, a 17th-century Chinese visitor to Europe, who met with King Louis XIV of France and King James II of Britain who was so delighted by this visit that he had a portrait made and had it hung in his bedroom.

The former Archbishop of Westminster kept a piece of Louis XIV's mummified heart in a locket, and showed it to a friend, who ate it.

In 1848 William Buckland, the Dean of Westminster, ate a mummified piece of Louis the XIV's heart.

King Louis XIV was 5 feet 4 inches tall and boosted his stature with red high heels and issued an edict limiting red heels to members of his court

William Buckland, an English paleontologist who 'insisted on dining on everything', including roast hedgehog, potted ostrich, panthers, porpoises, puppies, and - his greatest achievement by far - the heart of King Louis XIV.

About Louis, Grand Dauphin. He was the on of Louis XIV and only had four great-grandparents instead of the usual eight due to his parents being double first-cousins. He was described as indolent, fatuous, and dull & could pass a whole day simply tapping his cane against his foot in an armchair.

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