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After A SendGrid employee publicly humiliated a software developer for joking with another developer at a conference, and got him fired, SendGrid itself was attacked by a DDOS and ended up firing her

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When Michael Jackson died, overall web traffic increased by up to 20%, websites like Twitter and Wikipedia all crashed and Google initially believed they were under DDoS attack. It is seen as an unprecedented moment in the history of the Internet.

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  1. Workers at Google believed the site was under a DDoS attack due to the extreme volume of people searching about Michael Jackson on the day of his death.

  2. In 2003, a website called Scroogle was created by Google critic Daniel Brandt, to allow users to search Google anonymously. It stayed active until 2012, where it was shut down by Brandt due to a combination of throttling of search requests by Google and a DDoS attack.

  3. Long before DDOS or spam-mail attacks there was the infamous "Black Fax". Senders would attack the receiver with completely black pages to occupy their fax machine and making them use up all their expensive ink/toner and paper.

  4. So many people played Gran Turismo Sport on Christmas weekend, PlayStation Network thought it was under a DDoS Attack

  5. When Michael Jackson died, Google believed all the searches for his name were a DDoS attack, and blocked such searches for 30 minutes. Twitter and Wikipedia also crashed, with the Los Angeles Times suffering an outage also.

  6. As the news broke that Michael Jackson died, Twitter, Wikipedia and AOL Instant Messenger temporarily crashed. Google initially believed that the millions of search requests meant their search engine was under DDoS attack, and blocked searches related to Michael Jackson for 30 minutes.

  7. China created a botnet out of Baidu’s users by injecting malicious javascript code into their browsers which performed a ddos attack on Github

  8. The largest DDOS attack ever recorded reached a massive 1 Terabyte per second in bandwith, the attack was carried out with over 152,000 devices, mainly being compromised CCTV cameras.

  9. DOOM could cripple a network with a few thousand endpoints because of its use of IPX Broadcast Packets, To my knowledge this is also the earliest real-world "DDoS" attack.

  10. There was a pre Internet DDoS attack in 1810 when 4000 tradesmen, professionals, and dignitaries were requested or ordered to a single address

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