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In February 2011, Virgin/EMI label executives asked European radio stations to remove David Guetta's Who's That Chick? from their playlists because they think Rihanna had too much songs on the chart.

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David Guetta took the main track from Alice DJ's, "Better Off Alone" (1999) for his song, "Play Hard" (2011) without crediting her

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  1. The song "Say My Name" (David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin) don't say "Let me u", but "Let me hear you" (I'm far from being a fluent English listener)

  2. Sia wrote the song "Titanium" for Alicia Keys (and Mary J Blige recorded it), but David Guetta used Sia's vocal instead. (Proof starts around 51:50)

  3. David Guetta is a white dude with long blonde hair....Mind blown.

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