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In 1999, Philip Morris attempted to convince the government of the Czech Republic that smoking was highly beneficial to the country, as more people would die earlier as a result, thus letting the government save millions on pensions, hospitals, and housing for elderly citizens.

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When Czechoslovakia split, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also split the national anthem - each country got one verse

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  1. Deer in the Czech Republic don’t cross into Germany, following the example of parents who learned to avoid the electrified fence there during the Cold War.

  2. There stands a castle in the Czech Republic that to this day has a moat filled with BEARS. It's called the "Bear Moat" and it was first filled with bears in 1707, if not earlier.

  3. In 2004 North Korea demanded that the Czech Republic ban "Team America: World Police" from theaters. The Czech Foreign Minister relied "Obviously, it's absurd to demand that in a democratic country.''

  4. The Czech Republic (a country with no official religion) has over 15,000 people who religiously identify as a Jedi Knight. That's roughly 0.15 of the population.

  5. The population of the Czech Republic has traditionally been irreligious for a very long time. Ever since the 1600's, the Czech people have been described as "tolerant and even indifferent towards religion".

  6. ..There is a church in the Czech Republic where 40,000 skeletons decorate the church. Skeleton chandeliers, coats of arms, bone garlands etc

  7. 80% of the population of Czech Republic is non-religious or undeclared

  8. There are also versions of The Office in Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, France, Quebec (French Canada), Germany, Chile, Israel, and India (in the making). They all sell paper except for Germany, which sold insurance.

  9. There are only 16 % religious people in Czech republic making them the most atheist country in Europe.

  10. When North Korean leader Kim Jong-il was parodied in the film Team America: World Police (2004), the Democratic People's Republic of Korea asked the Czech Republic to ban the film.

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czech republic fact data chart about Populations of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerl
Populations of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland over time in Tenthousands

czech republic fact data chart about Population of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerla
Population of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland in Ten thousands over the Years

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The Museum of Communism in the Czech Republic is located above a McDonald's

There is a church in the Czech Republic decorated with 40,000-70,000 human skeletons called Sedlec Ossuary. - source

The Czech Republic, consistently ranked among the Top 10 safest countries on earth, has virtually 'USA levels' of firearm permissiveness and has never had a school shooting. - source

The Czech Republic changed their name to Czechia without running it by their citizens first. The name has been overwhelming unpopular amongst Czechs.

Even though the barbed wire fence between Germany and the Czech Republic was torn down 20 years ago, Red Deer still refuse to cross the border - source

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Use of the Nazi hand salute is currently a criminal offense in Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

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For Easter in the Czech Republic, men use braided willows to whip women's buttocks. Said women then thank the men for ensuring their beauty and vitality, and reward them with chocolate or a shot of plum brandy.

"confession bear" is a sun bear named Ernst that was born in a Berlin zoo and is now living in Jihlava zoo in the Czech Republic under the name Adam

In the hours and days immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, the government of the Czech Republic was forced to issue a statement clarifying that the suspected bombers were from Chechnya and not from the Czech Republic as many Twitter users had inaccurately believed.

About 'Hunger Stones' - hydrological famine memorials and warnings carved and erected throughout Central Europe from the 15th to 19th centuries. Recent lengthy dry spells across Europe revealed some of them near the German border with Czech Republic.

Cuba has offered to pay off a $270 million debt to the Czech Republic in rum. The rum would be enough to last the country for 130 years.

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czech republic fact infographic about "Nguyen" - The most common family name in Vietnam is also th

"Nguyen" - The most common family name in Vietnam is also the 7th common surname in Australia and 9th in Czech Republic.

czech republic fact infographic about Religion in the Czech Republic - Census results

Religion in the Czech Republic - Census results

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Czech Republic is the world leader in beer consumption by far.

The government of the Czech Republic has renamed the country "Czechia"

Bratislava Airport is within an hour's drive of Vienna (Austria), Brno (Czech Republic), Győr (Hungary), and of course Bratislava (Slovakia), making it the only airport to serve four countries

To be a LGBTQ+ refugee in the Czech Republic, you need to prove you're gay by watching pornography monitored by 'genital cuffs'

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A US businessman tried to pay the Czech Republic $250 000 to export an unspecified item "which nobody here misses anyway". It was the lost 13th century Reliquary of St Maurus.

Budweiser" is a generic term for any beer that comes from Budweis, Czech Republic.

The world's most populous country, China, is also the least religious, followed by Sweden and the Czech Republic.

"The Revealed", a 2006 Big Brother-esque web series from the Czech Republic that follows the lives of Gorillas at Prague Zoo, and through which the public could vote via text for their favourite. The winning Gorilla, Richard, was given 12 melons as a reward.

A Czech Republic firm, a holdover from Communist days, is now the world’s largest presser of vinyl disks. The company, once down to 500 employees, now employs 2,000, and business is growing to the tune of 25 million records this year.

There is an ongoing dispute over ownership of the Budweiser trademark between two beer companies, one from the Czech Republic and one from the United States. The dispute has been ongoing since 1907 and has involved more than 100 court cases around the world.

There is a UFO cult based in the Czech Republic called the Universe People who think Jesus was an alien

Countries that drain into the Central Baltic Sea but do not border it include Ukraine, Slovakia, Norway, Czech Republic, and Belarus.

Vietnamese is an officially recognized language in the Czech Republic, and can be used with public authorities, at courts, in public signage, in election information, at cultural institutions, in access to legal information and assistance, etc.

In the Czech Republic, a tradition of spanking women is carried out on Easter Monday. In the morning, men spank women with a special handmade whip called a pomlázka. Legend says that women should be spanked in order to keep their health, beauty and fertility during the whole next year.

A separate micro-nation was opened in Czech Republic dated 1996 with the sole purpose to facilitate BDSM and Femdom.

In Olomouc in the Czech Republic is an astronomical clock dating to at least 1517 but some believe it was built in 1422. The Nazis opened fire on the clock during World War II and today only a few pieces remain in a museum.

Sigismund Schlomo Freud was born to Jewish parents in Pribor, which is now a part of the Czech Republic.

Vladimír Remek, the third person to ever be sent into space is also the Czech Republic's Ambassador to Russia.

Namibia is the heaviest beer drinking country in the world (376 servings). Followed by Czech Republic (361 servings), Gabon (347 servings), and Germany (346 servings)

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