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Plan B (contraceptive) doesn't work for fat women. Even after being given a double dose of Plan B, the pill has been found completely ineffective for women over 175lbs. (Obviously taking into account height and mass)

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After assessing over 1,800 studies, scientists have concluded (again) that homeopathic remedies are completely ineffective

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  1. The U.S. Department of Education prohibits schools from spending money on D.A.R.E. because studies have proven it to be a completely ineffective program.

  2. Independent safety testing revealed most car safety devices for pets were completely ineffective

  3. Stormtrooper effect" is an expression used to describe the cliché phenomenon in works of fiction when minor characters are rendered completely ineffective in ranged combat against protagonists even at close range.

  4. Ultrasonic sound emitters are completely ineffective in repelling, controlling, or affecting in any way the behavior of any wild animal or insect.

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