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Christopher Walken's speaking style goes back to childhood, when he changed punctuation in his textbooks with a marker to be where he *wanted* the periods, commas, and exclamation points to be.

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If you don't use commas or periods when you address your mail, it may arrive at its destination more quickly

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  1. South Africa, unlike any other part of the English-speaking world, uses the comma, not the period, as the decimal mark.

  2. Everything up to 3200 characters long and contains only lower-case letters, spaces, commas, and periods is already written in the Library of Babel. Therefore, everything that has been or could be written is cataloged and already exists. Therefore, it is just a matter of looking things up.

  3. About the website,, which has every combination and the 26 letters of the alphabets along with comma and period and has every word or sentence that has ever been said, thought, or written AND will be said, thought, or written.

  4. The library of Babel. A collection of every possible 3200 character long string made up of all letters of the alphabet, spaces, comma s, and periods. Anything that can be said inside these constraints has technically been written.

  5. The US style rule of always putting commas and periods inside quotation marks was instituted only for aesthetic rather than grammatical reasons

  6. Languages that have a simple word for 10,000 (and not a composite like 'ten-thousand') often don't separate every three digits with a comma or period, but every 2-3 digits. 1,000,000 would be 100,0000 in China or 10,00,000 in India [Indian languages also have a word for a hundred thousand].

  7. You're Not Supposed to Use Periods or Commas On Envelopes

  8. The Library of Babel, a database containing every possible combination of numbers, letters, periods, commas and spaces based on the 1941 novel of the same name. You could find the title of this post and anything that has been or ever will be written among the random gibberish.

  9. About the Library of Babel, a online "library" of randomly generated test using A-Z, commas, periods and spaces. Almost any phrase that you can think of is located in a page.

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