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About Operation Looking Glass - a 24-hour a day, continuously airborne command center capable of directing all of the United States' nuclear assets as backup, should SAC's ground facilities be destroyed. Taking turns, the airplanes stayed continuously staffed for 29 years.

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A two-time felon impersonated a U.S. Army Captain during a bridge collapse, taking command of a disaster center. He would direct FBI agents and was appropriating vehicles and equipment for the rescue effort before fleeing.

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  1. In 1999 the U.S. Space Command used a pet ferret named Misty to run the wiring for the new computer systems in a missile warning center.

  2. People visiting the NORAD command center after the 1983 release of Wargames were so unimpressed with what the command center actually looked like versus the movie portrayal of it, that NORAD realized it was time to upgrade their entire system.

  3. On 9/11, New York City's emergency command center was located... at 7 World Trade Center. It was destroyed in the attack.

  4. Before liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center, astronauts must play a customary game of poker; the game continues until the commander gets the worst hand.

  5. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the general in charge of the SAC command center told staff that he expected a launch order and that they would all likely die from a Soviet response. Each individual was permitted a call to his family to say goodbye, but not permitted to say why they called.

  6. The Ilyushin Il-80 (NATO reporting name: Maxdome) is a Russian airborne command and control aircraft, & is meant to be used as an airborne command center for Russian officials, including the President, in the event of nuclear war.

  7. Wes Anderson was barely on the set for the filming of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. He would instead had a "virtual command center." Where everything was done through clips, emails, and videos he would make.

  8. A 2010 survey by Pew Research Center has shown that 45% of the Americans surveyed thought that the Golden Rule was one of the Ten Commandments.

  9. The largest movie set ever built was for The Ten Commandments made by Cecil B. DeMille in 1923. After filming was done they buried the set in the dunes of Guadalupe, CA. Part of the set was discovered in 1983 and you can see artifacts from the set at the Dune Center.

  10. A briefcase known as the "nuclear football" has accompanied every president since JFK which gives them access to the National Military Command Center enabling a nuclear launch.

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We're having a baby girl in November and couldn't decide on a name, so I built a baby-namer viz command center partly powered by machine learning, from over 140 years of name data.

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the command center on a vehicle (boat, airplane, spaceship) is called a bridge because the area where a captain stood to give orders was literally a bridge between to paddlewheels. Incidentally, a cockpit is called a cockpit because that was where the coxswain performed his duties.

The original Power Rangers Command Center was featured in Marilyn Manson's Dope Show - source

Several hundred Mexican guerrillas under the command of Francisco “Pancho” crossed the US Mexican border and raided a small border town of Columbus, New Mexico. The raid escalated into a full-scale battle were seventeen Americans were killed in the raid, and the center of town was burned. - source

In 1979, Four U.S. command centers received data showing a full-scale attack from the USSR. They launched Planes and initialized missiles, but it was found to be an alarm caused by a computer training program for nuclear war.

The reason you are supposed to use the stairs in the event of fire is not because of safety, but so that firemen can use the elevator. Modern buildings also have a Fire Control Center from which a commander can remotely control and monitor all building systems. - source

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In 1991, during the Persian Gulf War, the USAF accidentally bombed an air-raid shelter and killed 408 Iraqi Civilians. The US thought it was a Military Command Center.

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The Pentagon's war room is called the National Military Command Center, and it's responsible for generating Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) to launch control centers, nuclear submarines, recon aircraft and battlefield commanders.

Tourette's Syndrome is caused by overactive motor command centers. Actively engaging these parts of the brain with other motor activities, like singing and playing music, can temporarily quell these symptoms.

Alligators can respond to verbal commands. In this video an alligator named Casper responds to the trainer, Chris, at the animal rehabilitation center Everglades Outpost in Florida. You can watch the alligator respond to "come here" at 8:44 in the video.

Zordon's Command Center in Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger is a real building on Brandeis University's Campus

The nuclear football, a briefcase, the contents of which are to be used by the President of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers

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The elaborate NORAD nuclear bunker command center depicted in the film 'War Games' [1983], which was the most lavish and expensive movie set of its day, was, according to director John Badham, nothing like the actual command center and was "NORAD's wet dream of itself".

Stanislav Petrov played a key role in the 1983 nuclear false alarm incident. 26.09.1983, Petrov was the duty officer at the command center for the nuclear early-warning system when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the USA. Petrov judged the reports to be a false alarm

The program NORAD Tracks Santa was started by mistake when a Sears placed an ad in a local newspaper which told children that they could call Santa. However, the telephone number was misprinted and calls instead came through to Colorado Springs' Continental Air Defense Command Center.

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