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In an attempt to make his spy novels feel more authentic, author John Le Carré is credited with coining a number of terms for his fictional intelligence agency (terms like mole, honey trap, pavement artist, asset babysitter) which have become common terms used in real intelligence agencies.

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The term “scientist” was coined in the 1830s to describe Mary Somerville. A woman. Because the usual term “man of science” didn’t apply and she wasn’t just a physicist, geologist, or chemist - she was all three.

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  1. The Soviets Dropped Cluster Bombs on Finland but Claimed they Were Humanitarian Food Drops. As a Result, The Finns Coined the Term "Molotov Bread Basket" to Describe These Bombs and then the Term "Molotov Cocktail" as "A Drink To Go With The Food"

  2. Term "EGOT" was coined by Miami Vice actor Philip Michael Thomas who said he planned to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony within 5 years. As of 2019, he has yet to be nominated for any of the awards.

  3. The term "canola oil" is short for "Canada Oil low acid," a name coined to avoid the less marketable word for the product, "rapeseed oil"

  4. Gary Larson coined the term "Thagomizer" in one of his comics to describe the spikes on stegosaurus's tail, after the fate of a poor caveman named Thag. It is now a recognised scientific term in palaeontology, in tribute to Larson.

  5. The Beastie Boys coined the term "mullet" to refer to a hairstyle in 1994 in their song "Mullet Head". No earlier use of the term "mullet" that refers to a hairstyle has been found.

  6. Preventing an abort of the Apollo 11 mission has been attributed to the work of Margaret Hamilton, the lead flight software designer for Project Apollo. She was 31 when the lunar module landed on the moon, running her code, and is credited for coining the term “software engineering.”

  7. The term "plastic surgery" was coined in 1839, 70 years before plastic was even invented. It comes from the Greek word "plastikē" which means "sculpting" and has nothing to do with plastic.

  8. The reason we say "redhead" instead of "orangehead"" for hair color is because English didn't differentiate between the colors until the 1540s, long after the term was coined.

  9. During the Vietnam War over 800 murders or attempted murders of superior officers by enlisted soldiers were investigated. The term 'fragging' was coined due to the popular use of fragmentation grenades to commit the murders.

  10. Another term for an intrusive thought is "The Imp of the Perverse", a metaphor (popularized / coined by Edgar Allan Poe) for the urge to do exactly the wrong thing in a given situation for the sole reason that it is possible for wrong to be done.

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After U.S. President George H. W. Bush vomited and fainted at a state event in Japan, the Japanese term "Bushu-suru," which literally means "to do the Bush thing," was coined.

Using the term "Jumbo" to describe something as large/huge etc is coined from an elephant of the same name which was around in the mid 1800's and was a the first ever animal "celebrity" in both the UK and the US - source

Listerine coined the term 'halitosis' in order to boost the sales of their mouthwash by telling people that they had a health condition. This has historically been one of medicalization's most successful stories. - source

"Banana Republic" was coined as a political term referring to a country(s) (Honduras and neighbors) that were exploited by a corporation (United Fruit Co.) for specific exports (yes, bananas). It is typically ruled by plutocracy and has a large poor working class that is also exploited.

It was Hasbro, an American multinational toy company that coined the term "Action Figure", to market their G.I. Joe toys to boys who would not play with "dolls" - source

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The term "Regressive Left" was coined by Maajid Nawaz, to describe the set of liberals who tolerate illiberal principles like racism and homophobia, so long as it is a minority group that espouses those principles

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The first winner of the "Computer Science Man of the Year” award was Grace Hopper in 1969, who made the first compiler and coined the term debugging after finding a moth in the computer.

Corinthian leather is a term coined by the advertising agency Bozell to describe the upholstery used in certain Chrysler luxury vehicles. The term suggests that the product has a relationship to or origination from Corinth, but the supplier was located outside Newark, New Jersey

One man is responsible for why women smoke, why we eat bacon & eggs at breakfast, why there's fluoride in tap water, and why the US says it's "spreading democracy" during war. He disliked the word "propaganda" so he coined the term "Public Relations"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame removed an exhibit containing the ashes of Alan Freed, the DJ who coined the term "rock 'n' roll" and staged the first-ever rock concert, and replaced it with a public display of Beyonce's leotards.

Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK in the 1940s, exposing its secrets to authorities and the outside world. He coined the term "Frown Power" when he started a campaign with that name, which simply encouraged people to pointedly frown when they heard bigoted speech.

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During the medieval period, after a wedding the bride and groom were provided enough mead (honey wine) to last one full moon, coining the term 'honeymoon'.

In 2005 Stephen Colbert coined the term "truthiness" with its current meaning: the quality of seeming true but not necessarily being true.

The term "meritocracy" was coined by Michael Young in his 1958 dystopian essay "The Rise of the Meritocracy" to demonstrate the social dysfunctions he predicted arising in societies where the elites believe that they are successful entirely on the basis of merit.

Before Zachary Taylor coined the term "First Lady", the President of the United States's wife was commonly referred to as the "Presidentress"

Kathleen Hanna accidentally coined the term '"Smells like Teen Spirit". Teen Spirit is a deodorant for young girls, which she thought Kurt smelled like.

On February 28, 1854 in a little white schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin, roughly 30 antislavery men coined the term "Republican Party" to oppose the Kansas-Nebraska act.

Alan Freed, the man best known for coining the term "Rock and Roll" hosted a televised music show on ABC that was abruptly cancelled after the fourth episode, because it featured Frankie Lymon, a black singer, dancing with a white woman.

The phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" was popularized by Listerine in ads featuring a lovelorn woman unable to find a husband due to her halitosis. The same ad coined the term "halitosis."

Sir Fred Hoyle, the British astronomer who formulated the 'Panspermia' theory, also coined the term, 'Big Bang Theory'. Not because he supported the idea - he was extremely sceptical of it - but used the term to mock and belittle it. Unfortunately for him, it stuck.

Snozzberry" was coined by Roald Dahl as a slang term for a penis. So in Willy Wonka, the kids are licking wallpaper that tastes like dicks.

Term “robotics” was accidentally coined by science fiction author Isaac Asimov in 1941.

The term “meme” was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976. It represents “one unit of cultural transmission.”

The term "Wi-Fi" is a brand name created to sound catchier than 'IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence'. It is not short for anything including "wireless fidelity," which was only coined after the fact as a backronym

The first attempt to make an accurate world map was by an astrologer (Claudius Ptolemy, second century CE) so that he could chart the relationship between the person's birthplace and the heavenly bodies. While doing so, he coined the term "geography"

The term "ass clown" was coined by, and has become a part of our lexicon, courtesy of the movie Office Space

The term 'the Jazz age' was coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1922, the same year that the Great Gatsby is based

The term Gerrymandering was coined when, in 1812, Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry created a partisan district that looked like a salamander

When Richard Dawkins originally coined the term, a "meme" was a basic elements of culture just as a gene is the basic component of genetics.

That, in the early 1960s, the CIA coined the term 'Plausible Deniability' to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.

Richard Dawkins first coined the term "meme" in his 1976 book "The Selfish Gene" as a term meant to describe the passing and preservation of popularized cultural phenomena, as opposed to the human gene. He believed that "when we die there are two things we can leave behind us: genes and memes."

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