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Since being discovered by the timber industry in the 1850s, 96% of the 2,000,000 acres of old-growth Coast Redwood trees in California have been logged.

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Coastal Redwood fossils date back more than 200 million years to the Jurassic period. California's gold rush caused logging old growth lumber. Today, only 5 percent of the original old-growth coast redwood forest remains.

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  1. Before wide scale logging, Mountain Ash trees in Australia may have rivaled Coast Redwoods as the tallest species of trees in the world, with the tallest Mountain Ash ever measured only 1 meter shorter than the worlds current tallest living tree.

  2. Redwood National Park was added to California Coast Ranges International Biosphere Reserve in 1983.

  3. In the Northern California region of the Pacific Temperate Rainforest there are a lot of redwood trees, which results in the region being referred to as the "coast redwood zone".

  4. A coast redwood tree in California, USA, can be "367 feet" tall and "22 feet" wide at the base. "Aside from logging, the most frequent cause of death for mature redwoods is windthrow." Why? They "have no taproot. The roots...go down 10 to 13 feet...deep before spreading outward 60 to 80 feet."

  5. Sword ferns, like coast redwoods can utilize water through fog via their leaves through a process called "Foliar Uptake"

  6. The Centurion, a Eucalyptus tree that is 327 feet (99.6 meters) tall, making it the second tallest species of tree in the world, after only the Coast Redwood.

  7. The tallest known tree is a coast redwood at Redwood National Park, California. Its name is Hyperion and is 115.6 metres (379 ft) tall.

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