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The direction a ceiling fan spins matters: counterclockwise should be used in the summer to push air from the ceiling down to create a draft and clockwise should be used in the winter to push air up and to the walls to avoid a draft underneath the fan.

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In people who are right handed, at least 90% of cowlicks have a clockwise rotation while the other 10% go in a counterclockwise direction; lefties or ambidextrous people are more likely to have cowlicks with counterclockwise rotations.

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  1. Clockwise is the way that it is because sundials in the northern hemisphere that clocks replaced naturally rotate that direction.

  2. If while standing, you raise and slowly rotate your right foot in a clockwise circle, and then write the number 6 in the air with your right hand—your right foot will suddenly shift in the opposite direction. This is due to how your brain codes for movements on the same side of your body.

  3. Spiral stairs in medieval times were generally made of stone and typically wound in a clockwise direction to place attacking swordsmen (who were most often right-handed) at a disadvantage.

  4. The reason NASCAR tracks all have left turns is that the British used to run horses on tracks clockwise and Americans road the opposite direction in defiance.

  5. The reverse movement of a clock is called counterclockwise in the US and anti-clockwise in Europe. Prior to clocks the directions were called sunwise and widdershins 4 C and C C respectively.

  6. There's a switch on most ceiling fans that lets you adjust the direction of rotation. Counterclockwise rotations are used for summer, and clockwise rotations are used for winter.

  7. Nuts and bolts tighten clockwise because a right handed person generates more torque in that direction.

  8. Hot air balloons are steered by catching different wind directions at different altitudes. The Coriolis Effect makes winds in the northern hemisphere spiral clockwise and the opposite is true for the southern hemisphere.

  9. When travelling in Mongolia, it is custom to stop and circle an ovoo(shamanic Cairn) three times in clockwise direction, in order to have a safer journey.

  10. Water (with no initial motion) going down in a drain will spin in a clockwise direction in Northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise direction in Southern hemisphere due to Coriolis efffect.

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Along with cooling a room when running counterclockwise, fans can also warm a room by running clockwise on low speed. This direction change causes the warm air trapped at the ceiling to be forced up and outwards where it then settles on the perimeter of the room.

Venus is the only planet in the solar system that orbits the sun clockwise. Most planets rotate on their axes in an anti-clockwise direction, but Venus rotates clockwise in retrograde rotation once every 243 Earth days—the slowest rotation of any planet. - source

About the Wild Haggis, a mythical beast whose legs on one side are longer than the other. It can run around hills easily but can only go in one direction, clockwise or counterclockwise, its entire life. - source

Hurricanes spin in different directions depending on their geographical location on the planet; they spin in the counter-clockwise direction if they're in the Northern hemisphere, and clockwise direction in the Southern hemisphere.

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