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Lucky Charms were created by combining Cheerios and circus peanuts.

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Circus Peanuts were invented by a guy after he installed insulation in his livestock barn. He found the texture so pleasing, he wanted to eat it. Rather than stick it in his mouth like a Tide Pod, he made a snack that mimicked how it felt.

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  1. Lucky Charms were created in 1963 by a General Mills employee after he chopped of pieces of Circus Peanuts candy into a bowl of Cheerios and fell in love with the flavor combo

  2. Circus Peanuts are actually banana flavored

  3. The ashes of Jumbo the Elephant (From Barnum & Bailey Circus) are kept in a Peter Pan's Crunchy Peanut Butter jar

  4. Circus Peanut candies are banana flavored!

  5. The idea for Lucky Charms came from someone throwing their favorite candy - circus peanuts - into Cheerios.

  6. The ashes of Jumbo The Elephant, famous circus elephant and Tufts University mascot, are kept in a peanut butter jar after the building housing Jumbo's remains burned down 86 years after his death in 1885. When the athletics director at Tufts steps down, he passes the jar down to his successor.

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