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Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse he rode in "Lord of The Rings." The horse had a hard time adjusting to the lights and sounds on set and it took a while for them to get in sync. "We got through it together and became friends. I wanted to stay in touch with him," said Viggo.

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There is a Russian version of the Lord of the Rings based on the premise that the original LOTR is a "history written by the victors;" in reality Mordor was on the verge of an industrial revolution which was a threat to the war-mongering and imperialistic faction represented by Gandalf/the elves

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  1. A Brazilian grandmother who prays to a figurine of St. Anthony for years, only to discover it was an action figure of the elf Lord Elrond from the "Lord of the Rings" films.

  2. Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse he rode in "Lord of The Rings." The horse had a hard time adjusting to the lights and sounds on set and it took a while for them to get in sync. "We got through it together and became friends. I wanted to stay in touch with him," said Viggo.

  3. Margrethe II, the queen of Denmark, felt compelled to draw illustrations for The Lord of the Rings in the 70s and sent them to Tolkien himself. He noted her style was quite similar to his own. Her drawings were used as a basis for the illustrations in the Danish translation of the books.

  4. Sir Christopher Lee, who played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies, was the only actor to actually meet J. R. R. Tolkien personally.

  5. Sean Connery was offered was 15% of worldwide box office receipts to play Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, but turned it down for "not understanding the script." The deal would have been worth about $400 million.

  6. Due to budget issues, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was briefly planned as one film. Helm's Deep and Saruman were cut, Rohan and Gondor merged with Éowyn as Boromir's sister, etc. Upset by the idea of "cutting out half the good stuff," Peter Jackson left Miramax and went to New Line Cinema.

  7. The Lord of the Rings Director, Peter Jackson, orchestrated 20,000 cricket fans during a game's inning breaks in order to produce the sound of the Uruk-hai army in The Two Towers.

  8. Sean Bean is so scared of Helicopter flying that he preferred to hike miles up a mountain in full costume to film Lord of the Rings scenes

  9. The Return of the King of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was nominated for 11 academy awards. It won in every single category it was nominated for.

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J.R.R Tolkien got the name for Samwise Gamgee from a doctor called Joseph Sampson Gamgee, the inventor of the 'Gamgee tissue', an absorbent gauze surgical dressing made from cotton wool. Hence, Tolkien named Samwise's wife in The Lord of the Rings books Rosie Cotton.

1 out of every 160 New Zealanders was part of the production of The Lord of the Rings films. - source

The Beatles wanted to make a Lord Of The Rings movie before Peter Jackson did, however Tolkien refused to let them. - source

Jurassic Park's visual effects were so groundbreaking to filmmakers that it inspired Peter Jackson to begin work on Lord of the Rings, George Lucas to start on the Star Wars prequels, and Stanley Kubrick to invest in his pet project, A.I (Artificial Intelligence).

Christopher Lee read "The Lord of the Rings" once a year until his death in 2015 and had done so since the year it was published, and is the only member of the cast and crew ever to have met J.R.R. Tolkien. - source

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John Rhys-Davies, who plays Gimli in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ lost the top of his middle finger as a kid and had special prosthetic made. He played a prank on Peter Jackson where he cut off the tip of the prosthetic, covered it with blood, walked up to Peter and said, “Boss, I had an accident.”

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Jake Gyllenhaal tried out for the part of Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and heard back that it was one of the worst auditions they had. Gyllenhaal was not even aware he had to have a British accent for the role

The Beatles Wanted To Make A 'Lord Of The Rings' Movie In The '60s directed by Stanley Kubrick. Tolkien, who had the film rights at the time, shot the idea down. Kubrick then went on to make 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is one of only three movies win 11 Oscars and the only movie to win every Oscar for which it is was nominated. Of those 11 nominations, none were for the cast, all were for technical and production elements.

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According to Tolkien, Sam Gamgee is the "chief hero" of the Lord of the Rings. The quest to destroy the Ring only succeeds because of Sam, who repeatedly saves Frodo from disaster, and he is the only character strong enough to surrender the Ring voluntarily and easily.

In the entire Lord of the Rings film trilogy, no two female characters ever speak to each other.

J.R.R. Tolkien considered Samwise Gamgee to be the "true hero" of the Lord of the Rings

Viggo Mortensen wore a Montreal Canadiens t-shirt under his armor throughout filming the Lord of the rings trilogy

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The costume designers for Lord of the Rings worked for two straight years making custom armor for the movies. They fabricated a total of 11 kilometers of chain mail (nearly 7 miles) by hand, to lay under the armor of the warriors. Just one orc suit had 13,000 rings and took 3 days to make.

About J.R.R. Tolkien's service as a Lieutenant in World War I. He fought in The Battle of the Somme, and it has been suggested that the horrors of trench warfare shaped his later depictions of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh spent millions of dollars over seven years quietly bankrolling efforts to free the West Memphis 3, three Arkansas men who supporters say were wrongly convicted of the murders of three children.

Russell Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Vin Diesel and Nicolas Cage all turned down the part of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

When Lord of the Rings cast members Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Sean Bean got matching tattoos, John Rhys-Davies sent his stunt double to get the tattoo instead.

Sean Connery was originally offered the role of Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings films. He was offered $6 million per movie and a 15% stake in the box office profits. He instead declined the role stating he "never understood the script". He would have made nearly $450 million had he accepted.

At the end of the extended edition of Fellowship Of The Ring, every single member of The Lord Of The Rings Official Fan Club that donated to the production of the film is thanked (~15,000 names) adding an additional twenty minutes to the run time.

JRR Tolkien's tombstone engraving reads "Beren" and his wives' reads "Lúthien", in reference to the "Tale of Beren and Lúthien". A love story between a man and and elf-maiden, set 6500 years prior to Lord of the Rings.

Sean Connery turned down roles in “The Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings” because he didn’t understand the script. He would later accept “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" despite not understanding the project. He hasn't acted since.

In order to explore and exploit economic benefits from The Lord of the Rings movies, New Zealand's government appointed a "Minister of Lord of the Rings" to their cabinet

The Hobbiton movie set used for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit was originally built to last temporarily for filming, but the landowner saw money in offering guided tours of the Shire to the public and so requested that the structures were made permanent. It's now a busy tourist attraction.

The Beatles asked Stanley Kubrick to direct Lord of the Rings with them starring in it. John Lennon wanted to play Gollum, Paul McCartney Frodo, Ringo Starr Sam, and Harrison Gandalf. Kubrick turned them down, and Tolkien didn’t like the idea of a Beatles adaptation of his work

In 2006, CNN mistakenly used an image of the Balrog from a 1977 Lord of the Rings calendar to represent Satan. Stephen Colbert recognized the image because he had that calendar and mocked CNN for the mistake.

The actor who played the dwarf Gimli in the Lord of the Rings, John Rhys-Davies, was taller than any of his fellow castmates

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