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A 17-yr-old found Chris Hemsworth's wallet on a restaurant table in L.A.; he returned it to the actor who gave him back the wallet's cash plus more. Later on the Ellen Show, the teen was also rewarded $10K cash for his honesty.

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Chris Evans was paid around $300,000 to star in Captain America: The First Avenger and that Chris Hemsworth made $150,000 initially for appearing in Thor. Robert Downey Jr. made $500,000 for the first Iron Man.

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  1. Chris Hemsworth's first movie role was in Star Trek (2009). He played Kirk's father who dies in the opening sequence of the film.

  2. In 2009 Chris Hemsworth filmed 2 movies (Cabin and the Woods and Red Dawn) but due to MGM's financial troubles, they weren't released until 2012, after the success of Thor. It also explains why he wasn't really the main character in either film.

  3. In “Thor: The Dark World” Natalie Portman wasn’t available to reshoot the final kiss scene, so Chris Hemsworth’s Wife took her place dressed as Natalie.

  4. Chris and Liam Hemsworth have an older brother named Luke, also an actor and the first of the Hemsworths to start acting, but he still hasn't appeared in any Hollywood production.

  5. Chris Hemsworth's first ever job was to clean and repair Breast Pumps for a pharmacy company when he was 15 years old.

  6. Power Rangers actor Jason Smith and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth both were in an Australian soap opera called “Home and Away”.

  7. Chris Hemsworth's first job was cleaning human breast pump rentails

  8. Chris Hemsworth with an Australian Quokka, apparently the happiest looking animal in the world

  9. Chris Hemsworth stole Stormbreaker from the set of Endgame (7:12)

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in Thor Ragnarok, during Loki's play Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth's older brother Luke.

Chris Hemsworth's brother Liam was almost cast as Thor. - source

Chris Hemsworth approached Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, after Age of Ultron, telling him about his dissatisfaction with his role in previous MCU films, and suggested to completely revamp and deconstruct his character of Thor and the universe surrounding him in Thor: Ragnarok. - source

Chris Hemsworth has a work app with diet and relaxation techniques too.

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