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Chinese Checkers is neither Chinese nor Checkers. The game was created in Germany in 1892 under the name Stern-Halma, based off of the older American game, Halma. The name Chinese Checkers was used in 1928 as a marketing gimmick.

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Chinese Checkers wasn't actually invented in China, but Germany. The name was a marketing scheme in the US in 1928, and was called "Hop Ching Checkers"

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  1. Chinese Checkers originated from Germany, and the name is just a marketing scheme.

  2. "Chinese Checkers" was invented in Germany, and was originally called Hop Ching Checkers. The current name was just a marketing scheme.

  3. Chinese Checkers is neither a variation of checkers or from China, it is originally a German game known as Stern-Halma. The American name was "to keep up with the trend of interest with oriental imports at the time" of release.

  4. Chinese Checkers (A game popular in the 1970s) was actually created in Germany.

  5. Chinese Checkers is actually of a German origin and was named "Chinese" by Americans to make the game sound more 'exotic'

  6. Chinese Checkers is not Chinese, but German.

  7. Chinese checkers were invented in Germany

  8. The game known as "Chinese Checkers" originated in Germany

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