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Due to rumours that his film "Cannibal Holocaust" showed real deaths, director Ruggero Deodato was accused of murder. The charges were dropped after the four allegedly-dead actors were interviewed for a television show and Deodato explained his special effects in court.

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A West Virginia man was charged with Battery for farting repeatedly and fanning the gas at police officers. Charges were eventually dropped.

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  1. A woman created a fake facebook profile of a teenage girl and sent a friend request to her husband, then used transcripts of their conversations to get him arrested. He was freed and all charges were dropped when he produced a notarized affidavit, proving he knew it was her all along.

  2. Charges were dropped on an Australian man for displaying the word "C*NT" on a public billboard because judges ruled the word as 'commonplace vernacular that is not deemed offensive' in Australia.

  3. Tupac shot two cops, and had all the charges dropped on account of the cops drunkenly pointing a stolen gun at pedestrians

  4. Tupac Shakur stopped to break up an altercation and ended up shooting two police officers. One in the leg and one in the butt. The charges were dropped after it was discovered the officers were intoxicated and had stolen weapons from the police evidence room.

  5. In 1976, a woman sued Disney for $150,000 because she claimed that one of the Three Little Pigs grabbed and fondled her. Allegedly she gained 50 pounds due to the incident, but dropped charges after Disney's lawyers presented her with a photo of the costume, which had only inoperable stub arms.

  6. Drug trials done by Pfizer without parent consent in the 2000's resulted in child deaths in Nigeria, and when the attorney general of Nigeria went after Pfizer they hired PI's to coerce him into dropping all charges

  7. F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone was arraigned by a German court after a large share acquisition by F1's holding company. He was permitted, legally, to pay $100m to have the case dropped. His charge? Bribery.

  8. There was a woman that faces jail for growing vegetables in her front yard; five large planter boxes containing basil, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. The charges got dropped later on after the city was hammered with negative publicity.

  9. A student was arrested for stripping down to his underwear in Richmond International Airport revealing the Fourth Amendment written on his chest. Charges against him have been dropped and law enforcement officers are now required to take a two-hour class on the First and Fourth amendments.

  10. A woman sued Disneyland for $150,000, claiming one of the Three Little Pigs fondled her and caused her to gain 50lb. Charges were dropped when the defence presented the costume - complete with inoperable arm stubs.

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A cult member mother pleaded guilty of her son's starvation death but requested that the charges be dropped when the infant was resurrected. The court agreed to the clause.

Philippe Petit, then a 24 year old French high-wire artist, illegally high-wire walked between the Twin Towers 8 times over 45 minutes in 1974. Charges were dropped after he performed for kids in Central Park. - source

The 2015 Waco biker shootout, which left 9 dead and led to the arrest of 177 bikers on RICO and murder charges each with $1 million bail, resulted in zero convictions after only one trial and all other charges were dropped. - source

Florida Man Carl Tanzler, an X-ray tech, fell in love with a patient and exhumed her body when she died to sleep with her corpse for 7 years. Charges were dropped because the statue of limitations expired by the time anyone found out.

A woman attempted to sue Disneyland for claimed humiliation and the gain of 50 pounds among other things, claiming she was fondled by one of the Three Little Pigs in "It's a Small World" charges were dropped when it was brought up that the costume had stiff, inoperable arms. - source

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The movie “Cannibal Holocaust” was so gory and realistic that the director was arrested and charged with the murders of the actors. He had to demonstrate the special effects in court to get the charges dropped.

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Alice Walton (Walmart heiress) killed somebody while DUI and the charges were dropped after the arresting trooper was mysteriously suspended and unable to testify until after charges had expired

Male domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested, jailed, and not have the charges dropped than the person beating them.

Famous philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau so enjoyed S&M, he used to drop his trousers in the street and charge ass-first towards groups of women in the hopes of being spanked.

After Philippe Petit’s famous high-wire performance between the Twin Towers - "the artistic crime of the century" - he was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. These charges were dropped on the condition that Philippe put on a free high-wire performance for children in Central Park.

A train robber named Frank Grigware who escaped Leavenworth prison in 1910. He went on and became a mayor of a small town in Alberta, Canada. Later when he was found by the Canadian police and FBI, his charges were dropped due to doubts of his original conviction.

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Herman Göring - a convicted Nazi war criminal - bought what he thought to be an authentic Jans Veermer painting for $625,000. The Dutch seller, Hans van Meegern, was initially tried for treason after WWII, but these charges were dropped after he proved the painting was of his own creation.

In 2012 the NYPD ransacked a man's home and confiscated $4800 on charges that were eventually dropped a year later. When he went to retrieve his money he was told it was too late; it had been deposited into the NYPD pension fund.

In 1983, in Jordan, Minnesota, 24 adults were arrested with accusations around sexually abusing 37 children in a "sex ring", some abusing their own children. Only one adult was jailed, and all charges against the rest were eventually dropped.

The USS William Porter broke friendly lifeboats with it's anchor, blew up a boiler, accidently dropped a depth charge while escorting Franklin D Roosevelt, mistakenly fired a torpedo at the president, and everyone was arrested. It was then destroyed by a Kamikaze plane that didn't even hit it.

Beckwith was arrested and charged with murder after bragging about killing Evers, but the charges were dropped after an all-white jury deadlocked.

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None of the people responsible for the Flint, MI water crisis have gone to jail, and many have recently had manslaughter charges dropped.

Black December which refers to at least nine shark attacks on humans causing six deaths that occurred along the coast of South Africa, starting on December 18, 1957. As a solution, the Navy dropped depth charges to kill sharks but ultimately only attracted more sharks.

A 24 year old guy that went on an armed robbery spree and ended up in a stand off with the cops in a county home. They ended up dropping 32 of his charges and he only got a 4 year sentence because he didn't eat, sleep and was on crack for the last 20 days.

Companies like ISR will let you "buy a star", charging you for a piece of paper that is supposed to give you the right to name a star, marketed as a potential gift to a dead loved one . A lawsuit forced them to drop the claim that the paper is in any way official but continue to operate.

Eddie Slovik was the only U.S. soldier executed for desertion during WWII. After turning himself in to an HQ post, he was given two separate opportunities to return to his unit and have all desertion charges dropped.

To refine uranium for the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima, huge coils for electro magnets were needed, and when people in charge couldn't find enough copper, because of the war, a creative solution was provided and tons of silver were borrowed from the USA national treasury to make them.

In 2005 a former marine sniper living in Albuquerque, NM was arrested for allegedly shooting down a police helicopter after "getting annoyed by the sound of the chopper". Eventually all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

In 1938 Frank Sinatra was arrested and charged with seduction for having sex "under the promise of marriage" with a "single female of good repute". The charge was dropped and he was arrested for adultery when it was learned she was married

President Franklin Pierce was arrested for running over a woman with a horse while in office. The charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

If you find a wallet, you can drop it into any US Post Office box and they will return it to the address found on the driver's license free of charge.

A 43-year-old man took a 16-year-old girl to camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains and returned alone. "Bigfoot stole her!" was his explenation to the court. The charges were dropped. He enjoyed full freedom until his demise in 1998. 28 years later, the girl is still missing.

William Cimillo, a fed-up, longtime New York City bus driver, who in 1947 detoured his bus to Florida for two weeks to "get away from it all." He became a hero of the working man. Larceny charges for the incident were dropped, and he worked as an NYC bus driver again for 16 more years.

If you drop your wallet and someone finds it, they can drop it in a blue mail bin and the USPS will ship it to the address on the drivers license, free of charge.

John Joe Gray who was involved in the longest law enforcement standoff in US history. It lasting just under 15 years before the charges were dropped.

Tupac was once charged with shooting two off duty police officers. Charges were later dropped as the police were in the wrong.

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