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Michel Vaujour a French convict jailed in 1986 for attempted murder and armed robbery "forced his way onto the prison's roof by wielding nectarines that were painted to look like grenades." His wife then picked him up in a helicopter and whisked him away.

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A teenager rappelled from the roof of a car dealership, stole chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and managed to keep and use the car for over a year before being arrested on an unrelated attempted murder charge which led to recovery of the vehicle.

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  1. A town bully who was a pedohile, a thief, a stalker, an intimidator & and attempted murdered, always escaped the law. Then one day, he was shot dead in broad daylight. There were over 40 witnesses but nobody would identify the killer because they felt he got what he deserved.

  2. Actor Mark Wahlberg had a cocaine addiction at the age of 13. He was also charged with attempted murder at 16 after bashing a Vietnamese man over the head with a stick and shouting racial slurs at him.

  3. Ricky Ray Rector who, after murdering a man in a nightclub, agreed to turn himself in. Instead, he shot the negotiating officer in the back, killing him. He then attempted suicide but failed, effectively lobotomizing himself. In prison he saved part of his last meal for "after the execution"

  4. Colin Farrell was a suspect for attempted murder and was acquitted due to a journal entry from his friend stating the two were doing ecstasy across town.

  5. Mark Whalberg served 45 days for attempted murder after beating a middle-aged Vietnamese man unconscious while calling him "Vietnamese f**king sh*t"

  6. During the Vietnam War over 800 murders or attempted murders of superior officers by enlisted soldiers were investigated. The term 'fragging' was coined due to the popular use of fragmentation grenades to commit the murders.

  7. After murdering a man in a nightclub, Ricky Ray Rector agreed to turn himself in. Instead, he shot the negotiating officer in the back, killing him. He then attempted suicide but failed, effectively lobotomizing himself. He saved part of his last meal for "after the execution".

  8. If one attempted suicide (by hanging, for instance) in 19th century Britain and failed to die, he/she would be charged with attempted murder...which could be punished with death by hanging

  9. James Eagan Holmes, the guy who committed the Aurora shooting during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, was sentenced to 13 life sentences in prison, with an additional 3,318 years for rigging his apartment with bombs and 140 counts of attempted murder

  10. The Hell's Angels plotted to murder Mick Jagger in 1975. their attempt was thwarted by a storm that capsized the boat they were using to gain access to Jagger's property.

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Actress Constance Smith went to jail for stabbing her boyfriend in 1962. She stabbed him again in 1968 and was charged with attempted murder. They married in 1974.

A 14 year old boy created an elaborate plan where he created several personas including a spy, homosexual stalker, and teenage girl, all in an attempt to convince a fellow boy to murder him. - source

The Hungarian serial killer Béla Kiss is thought to have murdered at least 23 young women and 1 man, and attempted to pickle them in giant metal drums. When WWI began, he was conscripted and left his house. When his crimes were discovered, he evaded capture and was never heard from again. - source

China's only monogamous emperor made the decision to promote monogamy because one of his father's women murdered his mom. He was hidden because the consort killed the emperor's heirs in an attempt to gain power. When it was discovered that one had survived, she killed his mom instead.

Between 1958-1961, China's attempt to socialize the country and implement agricultural collectivization resulted in an estimated 18 million to 45 million deaths from famine and murder, a considerably higher number than even the Holocaust. - source

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About Victor Sibson, who killed his girlfriend in a botched suicide attempt. The bullet passed through his head, and into her chest, killing her. He survived the attempt and now faces 2nd degree murder charges and life in prison.

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The Founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, successfully evaded arrest for attempted murder by raising an army of 5,000 men after illegally declaring martial law, only to be convinced to return by supporters and subsequently murdered by a mob.

Shiori Ino, a Japanese college student who was murdered by her stalker. Her attempts to seek help from the police were met with rejection, as senior officers feared that having unresolved cases would "hurt their standings."

US Representative Cassius Clay survived an assassination attempt, was shot in the chest, killed his attempted murderer with a bowie knife, threw him over an embankment, and continued the debate he was having

Dolly Oesterreich, a Milwaukee woman who kept a voluntary sex slave in the attics of her two homes, her husband and 2 lovers none the wiser, for about 10 years. Despite the murder of her husband and her attempts to cover it up she was never convicted and eventually died at the age of 80.

Alejandro Máynez, who attempted to kill a waitress named Ana Benavides, only to find out that she herself was a serial killer as well. Shortly after, she joined with Alejandro in serial murder.

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Cyanide had no effect on Rasputin in the first murder attempt because cyanide sprinkled over cakes converted to harmless ammonia

Hitler tried to resurrect Aurochs. An English farmer that bought some in 2009 had to put most of them down after repeated attempts to murder him.

As a result of the attempted murder of Malala, more than 2 million people signed the petition for the Right to Education campaign. It led to the first Right to Education bill in Pakistan being ratified.

The Indian-American actor who played one of the electronic store employees in the 40 Year Old Vrigin was arrested and convicted of attempted murder after stabbing his ex-girlfriend 23 times

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Due to the assassination attempts as well as numerous other threats on his life, Evers was given FBI protection, but the detail was absent on the night of his murder.

Evers survived two other assassination attempts in 1963 before he was murdered - a Molotov cocktail was thrown into his garage and an unknown drive.

Michael Malloy, who survived murder attempts including antifreeze, turpentine, horse liniment, rat poison and methanol poisoning. He was also dragged drunk and unconscious and dumped in the snow and had 19 liters of water dumped on him in 26 deg Celsius and survived being hit by a taxi

Colin Farrell was a suspect in an unsolved attempted murder and was only released because of his alibi... He was seen doing Ecstacy at a party on the other end of town.

The Hell's Angels plotted to murder Mick Jagger in 1975 due to him blaming them for the death of a fan in 1969. The bikers attempted to take a boat to his residence in Long Island, but a storm caused the boat to sink and they were forced to swim for their lives.

Ted Bundy admits to his first attempted kidnapping in 1969 in New Jersey but said he didn"t murder anyone until 1971 when he was in Seattle.

In 1835 the last two men were executed for homosexual acts in England. The Magistrate wrote to the Home Secretary pleading for clemency, and all the other 15 people sentenced to death at the same time, including for attempted murder, were pardoned. However, James Pratt and John Smith were hanged

The Mexican Mafia attempted to extort money from Edward James Olmos and murdered three film consultants over the way the gang was portrayed in the film American Me (1992)

In 2011 the FBI attempted to use crowdsourcing to decrypt a mysterious code found on a murder victim. The code has yet to be decrypted and the murder case remains unsolved.

There are at least three murders inspired by the series "Dexter", in addition to one attempted murder.

In the Second World War, more than 6 million Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis in an attempt to eradicate the race. It is referred to as the Holocaust.

Norman Mailer attended a dinner party by Claus von Bülow, recently acquitted of attempted murder. Mailer eventually told his wife, "Let's get out of here. I think this guy is innocent. I thought we were going to be having dinner with a man who actually tried to kill his wife. This is boring."

Murder victim Ricky McCormick's body was discovered in a field with two encrypted messages in his pockets. His family claimed him to be illiterate, with no way of writing in code. Attempts to decipher the codes by the FBI were unsuccessful.

In 2010, a murderer who attempted suicide was resuscitated just to be executed a week later.

The 1978 World Chess Championship was riddled with bizarre events. One competitor had a hypnotist on their team, the other had locals on bail for attempted murder. The opponents’ chairs were x-rayed. Complaints were lodged over mirrored sunglasses (to repel hypnotism), and blueberry yogurt.

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