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About Continuum, a pseudoscientific magazine that denied the existence of HIV/AIDS. It ran from 1992 until 2001 and ceased publication because the editors had died of AIDS-defining clinical conditions.

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Rick and Morty largely only exists because Bill Cosby's lawyers sent a cease and desist to Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in 2005 over an internet series called 'House of Cosbys'.

When did the church at ephesus cease to exist?

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  1. Rick and Morty only exists because Bill Cosby's lawyers sent a cease and desist to Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in 2005 over an internet series called 'House of Cosbys'.

  2. There is a revived Romanov Empire situated off the coast of Gambia with a constitutional monarchy and a council of ministers that purports to be the continuation of the Russian Empire that ceased to exist in 1917.

  3. Since 1453, there have been 465 sovereign nations that have ceased to exist.

  4. The Beach Boys released a song in 1969 called Cease to Exist that was written by Charles Manson. They had spent a little time with him at Brian Wilson's home studio.

  5. The in trillions of trillions of trillions of years, the entire universe will reach the same temperature and entropy will cease. When this happens, there will be nothing. No slither of matter, no atoms or life anywhere. Time will literally become meaningless as nothing exists to measure it.

  6. According to a philosophical theory called presentism, the future and the past do not exist. An example would be if you are reading this post it ceases to exist once you finish reading, it exists again when you reread it in the present.

  7. The Niagra River creates so much erosion that within 50,000 years Niagra Falls will cease to exist. It's this sediment that gives the falls the green water they are famous for.

  8. On 29.5. 1948 Israel was 30 km from ceasing to exist, Egyptians were driving on Tel Aviv, but "miracle happened", the only country that helped Israel was Czechoslovakia with 4pcs of fighter planes S-199 (upgraded Bf-109G) that arrived to Ekron day before, shocked Egyptians halted the offensive.

  9. The original copy of the Belovezha Accords - the documents which formally declared that the Soviet Union ceased to exist - have been missing since 2013

  10. Poland ceased to exist as a country for 123 years during the Partitioning of Poland

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At what temperature does life cease to exist?

Why did the trusteeship council cease to exist in 1994?

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We have a 99.6% probability that the ultimate fate of the Universe is to be turned into light. All matter should cease to exist due to dark energy acceleration to the point that all 4 natural forces will be violated, turning everything into light.

The City of Tokyo ceased to exist on July 1, 1943 - source

A period in the fossil record 25 to 18.5 million years ago known as the "Cat Gap" where evidence of ancient cats all but ceases to exist. It is been hypothesized that this downturn for cats allowed dogs, bears, weasels and other species to evolve to fill the gap - source

There were 10 SCOTUS Justices when Andrew Johnson became President. Since Congress didn't want Johnson to nominate any Justices, 2 of the 10 U.S. Supreme Court seats simply ceased existing under Johnson's watch. Later on, one of these seats was re-added.

In 1968, the Beach Boys recorded one of Charles Manson's songs, "Cease to Exist," retitled "Never Learn Not to Love", as a B-sided single, but without a credit to Manson - source

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The Beach Boys song "Never Learn Not To Love" was originally a Charles Manson song called "Cease To Exist". Manson is not listed in any credits because he stole a gold record from Dennis Wilson.

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The Beach Boys song “Never Learn Not to Love” is actually an altered version of a song Charles Manson wrote called “Cease to Exist”

Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, listed himself as sole composer on their song “Never Learn Not to Love,” a song originally titled “Cease to Exist,” by Charles Manson. He also paid over $1,000 for penicillin shots to treat gonorrhea Manson and his followers had passed on to each other.

The Dogo Cubano (Cuban Mastiff) was a breed of dog introduced to Cuba to aid capturing runaway slaves & for dog fighting. Following the abolition of slavery, it ceased to exist & is considered extinct.

When did yugoslavia cease to exist?

The Belarusian People's Republic, which ceased to exist in 1919, still has a government-in-exile right now, almost 100 years later.

How life will cease to exist if there were no green house gasses. To protect us and keep the planet warm. I just wish more people understood what climate change is.

The Beach Boys song "Never Learn Not to Love" is actually a reworking of the song "Cease to Exist" by Charles Manson. Manson wasn't happy the lyrics were changed.

If there world's oil was to disappear tomorrow, There will be a dramatic increase in deaths due to exposure (temp), starvation, and inability to access proper medical care. Internet & technological development would cease to exist.

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The social network site Friendster has ceased to exist

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