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In 1859, an American farmer in the San Juan Islands shot a pig who was eating his potatoes, but the pig happened to belong to a British colonist. In the ensuing confrontation, 461 Americans and 14 artillery faced 5 British warships with 70 cannons and 2140 men. The only casualty was the pig

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The Pig War between the US and Canada over disputed territory in Washington and BC. The only casualty was the pig.

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  1. The Pig War, an 1859 conflict between the USA and the UK and the only casualty was a large Black Pig.

  2. The Pig War, a conflict in 1859 between the US and Britain where the only casualty was a pig

  3. The Pig War of 1859 between the United States and the British Empire lasted 12 years and only had 1 casualty - the pig which started the war

  4. There were more casualties in one battle at Jakku than the entire Pig War of 1859.

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