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The reason that cashews are expensive is because they grow individually on a apple like fruit and must be removed manually. Their shells are also toxic.

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Cashews actually grow on 20 feet (6 meters) tall evergreen trees, the nut we eat is part of a larger fruit called a cashew apple, and the exterior of an un-shelled cashew has the same toxins as poison ivy.

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  1. Cashew nuts are actually seeds and not nuts but they're grown outside of the fruit which is called a cashew apple.

  2. Cashew nuts have an accessory called a Cashew Apple which has loads more uses than the nut

  3. Cashew nuts grow out of a cashew apple which is a sweet tasting fruit, whose pulp can be processed into a sweet, astringent fruit drink or distilled into liqueur

  4. Cashews are grown out of "cashew apples," an edible, sweet fruit that is also fermented into high proof alcohol. The cashew apple fruit's skin is too delicate to survive transport.

  5. Cashew nuts grow from the bottom end of a fruit called "cashew apples."

  6. Cashew nuts are the "true" fruit of the cashew trees. They are located on the bottom of the "false" fruit called cashew apple. Cashew nuts are protected with hard shell. Nuts are bean-shaped and one inch long.

  7. Cashews nuts grow out of the bottom of "cashew apples" and are actually toxic before they're properly processed

  8. Cashews grow out of little "apples" that you can also eat!

  9. Cashews grow in a shell that’s attached to a “cashew apple” which is attached to the branch of the tree.

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What is a cashew apple?

Why apple and cashew are not called true fruits?

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Cashew apples are also edible. They are mostly consumed in the South America, where people eat them raw or in the form of delicious drinks.

Cashews grow on the end of the cashew apple, an accessory fruit, that is edible and has a strong "sweet" smell and taste. - source

Cashews are in fact seeds found on an apple known as the Cashew Apple - source

Cashews are technically a fruit, not a nut. They're grown on the cashew tree, which produces the cashew apple. Cashew 'nuts' are actually the seed of the cashew apple.

Cashew nuts are not nuts. They're seeds. Apple seeds. - source

When to pick cashew apple?

A cashew nut tree is actually an cashew apple tree

How to eat cashew apple?

Cashews grow on apple like fruits from a tree

Cashews are grown attached to little fruits called cashew apples.

Cashews are actually seeds, of cashew apples, and that they're sold de-shelled because their shells are very poisonous.

Individual cashew nuts grow from the tips of individual cashew fruits, roughly the size of apples, out of which a tangy liquor is produced.

When to eat cashew apple?

Cashews actually grow from crazy, but edible apples

The cashew nut is actually a seed that grows out the bottom of a cashew apple on the caju tree native to Brazil, and it looks like this.

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