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There is a Montana Law that if a student rides a horse to school, the principal has to feed, water, and tend the horse. Six seniors who were aware of this law rode their horses on the last day of school. Their principal did his duty and took care of their horses.

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There is a non-profit organization called "House With A Heart" that takes in and cares for senior dogs, many with special needs, that have been abandoned by their owners. The facility operates as a hospice, seeing to it that older dogs are not consigned to dying in shelters, or worse.

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  1. Meals on Wheels People,” a Portland, Ore.-based service and one of the largest in the country, says it costs $2,500 annually to provide daily meals to a homebound senior, while cost of institutional care for a year in Oregon is around $60,000. Cost for one day in the hospital is around $2,271.

  2. About Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting old puppers in need of senior care by providing 100% vet care, food, and fostering. AND it's free if you want to adopt.

  3. Using computers to study movement repeatedly over time can identify and help solve many problems – from reducing the number of seniors falling in long-term care homes, to surveilling crosswalks to assess the most effective way to cross the street

  4. In Japan they have retirement homes for senior dogs so they can get the adequate love and care they need during their final years.

  5. Always Best Care Senior Services In-home Care Commercial 30 - There are more than 40 million seniors in the United States, and they represent 13.1 percent of the US population. #homecarefranchise

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