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The Royal Canadian Mint created a coin with the face value of $1 Million. The coin itself is made of 99.99% gold and weighs over 220 lbs.

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The Royal Canadian Mint created a giant, million-dollar coin from nearly pure gold. It was stolen from a museum in Berlin in March, when the market price of the gold was nearly 4 times the coin's face value.

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  1. In 2007 the Royal Canadian Mint produced a million dollar gold bullion coin and sold five of them. In 2015, the gold in the coins was worth more than 3.5 times the face value.

  2. A 2004 special-edition Canadian twenty-five-cent coin was put in circulation by the Canadian Mint in 2004, which featured a goofy-looking caribou and used the COMIC SANS font.

  3. A Canadian man stole ~165,000$ worth of gold from his job at the mint by hiding it in his ass.

  4. The Royal Canadian Mint, made a 10kg solid gold coin, worth $100'000

  5. In 2007 the Canadian Mint issued five 100 kg gold coins with a face value of CA$1M. Each coin is the size of a large pizza.

  6. The Canadian Mint is producing 20$ Batman V Superman coins that are legal tender.

  7. The Canadian Mint issued a coin commemorating one of Canada's most famous UFO encounters, the 1967 Falcon Lake Incident.

  8. Canada has a 50 cent coin that is rarely seen in circulation. Most vending machines do not accept it and older machines might misidentify a 50-cent piece as $1. A largely unsuccessful attempt was made by the Royal Canadian Mint to promote the use of the coin in 2002 on Queen Elizabeth's jubilee

  9. In 1958 the Canadian Mint altered their paper money to remove a controversial image that appeared in Queen Elizabeth II's hair, called "The Devil's Face"

  10. The Canadian dollar loonie coin was created as a substitute when the master die for the original coin design was lost by the mint courier who sent them to Ottawa through a local courier rather than a high-security armoured service

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What countries does the canadian mint make coins for?

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The Canadian Mint has a cryptocurrency that equals $1 CAD = 1 MintChip

The Canadian Mint has made glow in the dark Dinosaur coins - source

The Royal Canadian Mint produces production coins for other countries - including all the coins for Barbadoes since 1978 - source

Royal Canadian Mint to sell advertising space on currency to off set production costs

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