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When Bush Sr. visited Australia in 1992 he attempted to be friendly to a bunch of protesters in Canberra by giving the Peace Sign out of his limo. Unfortunately he presented with the palm facing inward and probably did a lot more damage than if he just left his hand inside the vehicle.

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The last time either US party has won three consecutive elections was in 1988 (Bush Sr.). He was also the last one-term president.

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  1. President Bush Sr held a bag of crack cocaine in the oval office on live TV.

  2. After President George Bush Sr. threw up at a Japanese Banquet, CNN almost reported that Bush had died, on the word of a random 74 year old Idaho man that called in pretending to be Bush's physician.

  3. President Bush Sr. vomited on the Japanese Prime minister. A new word entered the Japanese language, Bushusuru, meaning β€œto do the Bush thing,” or to publicly vomit.

  4. George H.W. Bush (Sr) had the highest president approval rating in the past 60 years, and Reagan's peak was 2nd lowest

  5. George Bush Sr. narrowly escaped being cannibalised in WWII, 2 years later he fathered George Bush Jr.

  6. The Iran-Contra affair in which senior officials of the Reagan administration sold weapons to Iran(in spite of an embargo) in order to fund a rebellion movement in Nicaragua. All of the officials involved were pardoned by George Bush Sr. later on.

  7. Barrack Obama has created more jobs than both Bush presidents. As of June 2014 Obama created 71.82% more jobs than Bush Sr. and Jr. combined.

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