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Bootsy Collins of Parliament-Funkadelic is Snoop Dogg's Uncle.

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Snoop Dogg's uncle is Bootsy Collins and Brandy, Ray J, Nate Dogg, Daz and WWE Diva Sasha Banks are his cousins.

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  1. North Korea's International Friendship Museum, which houses gifts given to Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il from foreign dignitaries, houses a copy of Bootsy Collins' 1994 album Back in the Day: The Best of Bootsy and a VHS copy of Space Jam.

  2. There's a Bootsy Collins album on display in a North Korean museum.

  3. Buckethead's discogrophy is over 130 hours long. He has released 241 studio albums. He released an album today, before that the most recent one was a week ago. He's worked with Snoop Dogg, Serj Tankian, Bootsy Collins, Primus, and much more.

  4. Bassist Bootsy Collins and producer/rapper Q-Tip contributed to "Groove Is in the Heart"

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