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The first woman to get a boob job was actually just trying to have a tattoo removed.

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A German porn star who tried to break the world record for blowjobs in a day. She only lasted until 75 then had to be hospitalized. Two years later she died during a botched boob job.

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  1. An Internal Affairs Division investigation revealed Mark Fuhrman was heard bragging to other LAPD officers about being intimate with Nicole Brown Simpson & seeing her boob job before her murder

  2. The world's first recipient boob job was given to a dog named Esmerelda

  3. If you are a smoker and you get a boob job, there's a chance your nipples could fall off

  4. About Brian Zembec, a gambler and musician living in Las Vegas, who got a boob job in 1996 after his friend bet him $100,000 to get them for a year — and, some 20 years later, he still has them.

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