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Fausta (2nd wife of Roman Emperor Constantine) fell in love with the Emperor's son. He refused her advances. She accused him of making advances. Emperor had his son murdered. Fausta was later rumoured to have had an affair with a slave. Emperor realised his mistake and had her boiled alive.

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Uzbekistan executed two men by boiling them alive... in 2002

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  1. "only" 20 people have been boiled alive in Yellowstone National Park.

  2. Switzerland banned the practice of boiling lobsters alive because scientific research proved that they can feel pain, and that chefs justify this practice by the fact that lobsters' meat goes bad very fast so they have to be boiled alive to keep it tasty

  3. The Peshtigo Fire a forest fire so hot it spawned fire tornadoes (fire whirls), and people that jumped in wells to escape the blaze were boiled alive.

  4. PT Barnum kept two whales in a tank at his museum and they boiled alive when the building caught fire.

  5. Silk worms are boiled alive in the silk-making process

  6. An Ancient Greek device called the Brazen Bull. It was designed as a way of roasting prisoners alive. The person was put inside a hollowed out bronze bull and a fire was lit underneath so as to boil the victim alive. A system of tubes made the persons screams sound like an infuriated ox.

  7. 2 to 3 thousand pupa's are boiled alive to make 1lb of silk

  8. Lobsters can't actually feel pain when you boil them alive due to their primitive nervous system. Also, the "screaming" sound a lobster makes is actually just steam escaping their shell

  9. One of Genghis Khan's first rivals was a childhood friend, Jamukha, who "horrified people greatly and harmed his image by boiling seventy young male captives alive in cauldrons, alienating many of his potential followers and eliciting sympathy for Temüjin (Genghis Khan)."

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The "fact" about frogs letting themselves get slowly boiled alive is totally untrue. Of course they jump out.

The real-life Dracula was crueler than his fictitious counterpart. He impaled mothers with their babies on the same stake, and even boiled and skinned people alive. His impaled victims were arranged in concentric circles on the outskirts of the cities where they could be viewed by all. - source

150 Years Ago, a Fire in P.T. Barnum’s Museum Boiled Two Whales Alive. - source

There's an annual festival in Yulin, China where they boil, torture and skin dogs alive for the Yulin Festival

There is a river in Peru that is so hot it boils animals alive. - source

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China hosts an annual dog eating festival where thousands of terrified dogs — many of them stolen pets — are butchered for human consumption. Crammed into crowded wire cages, the dogs languish without food or water as they await their fate. Many of the dogs are cooked or boiled alive.

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The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in China, where dogs allegedly suffer before being killed. Dogs are beaten to death with metal bars, skinned alive, and boiled alive.

A river in the Amazon known locally as Shanay-timpishka, which means "boiled with the heat of the Sun." It runs so hot that it cooks animals alive from the inside out.

In Switzerland it is banned to boil lobsters alive

Marc Ching, who, through his organization, the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, rescues dogs from the Asian dog meat industry, where they are burned alive, boiled alive, dismembered, crucified - all for the myth that a tortured and scared dog tastes better.

The Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China | dogs are skinned alive, bludgeoned to death, and boiled alive for "flavor"

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