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BuzzWinkle, a moose from Anchorage Alaska who frequently roamed the city drunk from eating fermented crab apples and more than once was found ripping down Christmas lights with his antlers or passed out in the street downtown

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Issac Newton roamed the streets as anti-counterfeit coin vigilante, then invented the ridges on coins to reduce fraud currency

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  1. In the 1800’s thousands of pigs roamed the streets of NYC, providing the only source of sanitation-eating trash/waste. Children were attacked, pigs held up traffic,carriages fell over. Pigs eventually outnumbered humans-leading to disease and political unrest between upper/lower classes.

  2. During the 17th century in Turkey, drinking coffee was illegal and the punishment for doing so was death. The Sultan was so obsessed with enforcing this that he'd dress as a commoner, roam the streets of Istanbul with a sword, and chop off the heads of anyone he caught drinking it

  3. The tradition of dressing up in costumes on Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtics. They believed that by dressing up as spirits and demons they would blend in with the real spirits and demons roaming the streets and would be safe.

  4. Another name for trick-or-treating is guising. It evolved from a Celtic tradition. They would put food and treats out for spirits they believed roamed the streets during Samhain. Samhain was a festival to mark the end of the Celtic calendar each year.

  5. There was a gang of homosexual vigilantes in 1970s San Francisco that roamed the streets protecting the LGBT community from bashings...

  6. There's a village in Holland for people with dementia, which has a secure perimeter, allowing residents to roam the streets freely and not feel locked down.

  7. During the 1982 Tylenol poisonings in Chicago that killed seven, police cars using loudspeakers roamed the streets warning people to not take Tylenol because of cyanide found in the medicine.

  8. Syphilitic zombies roamed streets of 1494 Renaissance Italy, littering the streets with their genitals and other extremities

  9. In various neighborhoods throughout Istanbul, recycling boxes were installed that dispense dog food every time someone deposits a plastic bottle for recycling. Over 150,000 stray dogs are said to roam the streets of the city.

  10. “Ugly George” who filmed himself roaming m the streets of Manhattan in an open chested silver vest and short shorts asking women to take their clothes off for public access television. The “Ugly George Show” aired weekly for 10 years

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A Canadian university is surrounded by wildlife such as deer, raccoons, coyotes customarily roaming local streets, and even a few black bears, sometimes mothers with cubs that wander into backyards

The Black Volga, a myth originating in eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc.) A black Volga limousine would supposedly roam streets at night to steal people away. The purpose of abduction was blood harvesting, organ theft and other nefarious reasons. - source

A group called The Pink Angels was started in the 1990's to prevent and deter hate crimes against the LGBT community. The Angels would roam the streets of predominately homosexual communities in the middle of the night, reporting any crimes, mainly gay-bashing, to local law enforcement. - source

In Mumbai, blue dogs were found roaming the streets due to industrial waste

In around 1820, there was about 20,000 pigs roaming the streets of NYC eating all organic debris that people produced. They were the first garbagemen. - source

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London has approx. 10,000 foxes (16 per square mile) that roam the streets. Coined "urban foxes", one was even found in Parliament asleep on a filing cabinet. Citizens typically get along with them.

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100 years ago it was common for working-class children to roam the streets freely at night. Reformers, citing physical and moral hazards of nighttime loitering, successfully passed curfew laws, and by the mid-20th century, many working-class families adopted the idea.

The famous wall the Wall Street in NYC is named after almost wasn't built because of pigs roaming in the streets, angering the Dutch Director General Peter Stuyvesant.

A fake taxi cab roaming the streets of NYC and stealing your money.

The city of Moscow has over 30,000 stray dogs roaming its streets. Some of them have learned to observe traffic signals and use the complex subway system to get around.

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