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After his presidency, Harry Truman refused to join any corporate boards or do commercial endorsements, feeling that using the presidency for financial gain would diminish the integrity of the office. Congress eventually passed the Former Presidents Act to pay him a pension.

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When ‘The Shining’ premiered, the MPAA wouldn’t allow blood to appear in any trailer “approved for all audiences,” but Stanley Kubrick managed to get a trailer comprised solely of the elevator scene passed by convincing the board the tsunami of blood was rusty water.

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  1. A woman refused to board a lifeboat when the Titanic was sinking as she refused to be parted from her dog. Several days later, passengers on the SS Bremen passing by the wreckage in the water, saw the body of a woman tightly holding a large shaggy dog in her arms.

  2. A drunk North Korean man passed out on a wooden board to find himself in South Korea the next day as a flood washed him and the board to an island controlled by South Korea.

  3. Everyone on Helios Airways Flight 522 (2005) passed out due to hypoxia. A flight attendant woke up and tried to control plane but failed. The autopilot kept the plane fly nearly 3hrs until the fuel ran out and crash, killing all 121 passengers and crew on board. This known as “Ghost Flight”

  4. NASA will etch your name on a microchip and be placed aboard the InSight Spacecraft, which will on Mars in November 2018. Tomorrow is the last day to get your boarding pass!

  5. Because of a treaty in 1920, there are no alcohol taxes in Svalbard. However alcohol is also rationed there, with residents only allowed 24 cans of beer or 2 litres of hard liquor per month. Locals must present an alcohol card at purchase, while tourists use their boarding pass.

  6. Knots as a unit of measuring speed came ships throwing overboard a line with a board attached and counting how many knots passed through their fingers in 30 seconds.

  7. There is a lucky cribbage board that gets passed along from the oldest submarine in the US fleet to the next once the oldest one is decommissioned. It currently resides in a submarine launched in 1978.

  8. The bascules (the road that opens) of Tower Bridge in London are typically only raised to an angle sufficient for a vessel to safely pass under the bridge. However, if the Monarch is on board, they are raised fully no matter the size of the vessel.

  9. A man who overslept and missed his flight to Kuala Lampur spent 18 days in transit lounges by creating fake mobile boarding passes on his laptop until he was arrested for forgery and sentenced to two weeks in jail.

  10. Dr. George Speak would allow 1,000,000 volts of electricity to pass through his body, setting a board on fire in his hands, during his talks at the 1964 World's Fair

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About Vicky, the mascot dog of the USS Iowa that was awarded the rank of Mascot first class. Vicky slept at the feet of President Roosevelt, was on board when the Iowa attacked several islands and even passed the 50-yard recruit swimming test.

In the 1960s, Eastern Airlines ran flights from NYC with no reservations, boarding passes, or check-in. Passengers paid in cash after boarding. - source

Airlines will give "companions" special boarding passes so flyers can be assisted all the way to the gate - source

If you cannot print your boarding pass out at home, you're likely been selected for extra screening, so make sure you come early

In 2012 a drunk North Korean man passed out on a wooden board to wake up the next day in South Korea as a flood washed him and the board to an island controlled by South Korea. - source

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You're not obligated to show your boarding pass when buying things in airport shops. They insist on this because it allows them to claim tax back from the government

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Martin Scorsese almost murdered the head of the Censor Board for refusing to give a pass to the original cut of Taxi Driver

There are 3 Lego minifigures on board the Juno probe which is passing Jupiter's big red dot today

In 2013 Wisconsin Republicans passed the first statewide law requiring independent review boards investigate all deaths caused by police

After missing his flight, an unemployed man named Raejali Buntut managed to spend 18 days living multiple airport lounges by making simple boarding pass forgeries and convincing the employees of different lounges he belonged there.

If your boarding pass have "SSSS" You will be taken for a second security screening at the airport

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