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Prince is the sole credit on his first album. He sang all the parts and played all the instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes piano, synth bass, various keyboard synths by Oberheim, Moog and Arp, orchestra bells, drums, percussion and bass guitar.

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On almost all of his albums, Lenny Kravitz not only sang his songs, but did everything else: played the guitar, bass, drums, percussions and produced them all himself.

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  1. On almost all of his albums, Lenny Kravitz not only sang his songs, but did everything else: played the guitar, bass, drums, percussions and produced them all himself.

  2. A six-second-long drum break from the late sixties has become the most used sample of music to date, as it helped form the basis for both hip hop and drum and bass music.

  3. There are five main strokes that congueros use when playing the conga drums. These include the open tone, muffled or mute tone, bass tone, slap tone, and the touch tone.

  4. The sounds produced by the bass drum have been described as thunderous, rumbling, pounding, hollow, mighty, and even soft at times.

  5. He drum kit can be divided into four main sections including the hardware (drum stands, pedals, and cymbal stands), the extensions (chimes, tambourines, cowbells, other non-standard instruments), the shells (toms and bass drum), and the breakables (stool, snare drum, cymbals, sticks, and bass drum pedal).

  6. Her father was a musician and was supportive of her career. Selena's brother Abraham was the bass player and her sister Suzette played the drums.

  7. When a bass drum is part of a drum kit it is placed on the floor on feet, and the drummer hits the head with a bass pedal. Cloths are often used inside the head to dampen the sound.

  8. Occasionally a timpani mallet is used for the bass drum when lower dynamic sounds are desired.

  9. Queen recorded an alternate version of We Will Rock You, known as the "fast version", that featured guitar, bass, and drums through the whole song and used it to open most of their live shows

  10. Various other sticks are used for the bass drum including hard felt sticks, leather sticks, wood sticks, side drum sticks, and brushes.

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Adding the bass pedal to the drum kit made it possible for the drummer to play other percussion instruments such as snare drums, as well as cymbals, because their hands were free to use smaller drum sticks.

The inventor of striking the bass drum with a bass pedal was William F. Ludwig, in 1909, in Chicago, Illinois.

The tambourine is often combined with other instruments such as the snare drum, triangle, tenor drum, and bass drum as well as the marimba, wood blocks, castanets, tremolos, and a variety of string instruments such as the acoustic guitar.

The main components of the modern drum kit include the snare drum, toms, bass drum, octobans, ride cymbals, hi-hats, crashes, effects cymbals, and additional instruments such as cowbells, wood blocks, gongs, chimes, triangles, tambourines, timbales, brake drums, buckets, and tubular bells, and many others.

The bass drum as part of a drum kit (used in bands along with several other drums) was added in the beginning of the 1900s as part of jazz music.

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Some of the most famous drummers include Neil Peart (from the band RUSH), Buddy Rich, Ringo Star, Phil Collins, Benny Goodman, and Rick Allen (One-armed drummer for the band Def Leppard).

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Chip Shearin had to play bass and Bryan Horton had to play the drums for 15 minutes straight on the 1979 song "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang because it was the days before samplers and drum machines.

When the bass drum is part of a kit there are often other instruments mounted to the shell including the cowbell, and the kit also includes tom-toms, cymbals, snare drums, high hats, and others.

Most bass drums are stationary, as in the drum kit set up. However when bass drums are used in marching bands they must be moveable and are suspended by straps or other apparatus to enable to drummer to walk with the instrument.

Some musicians will use mallets from other instruments for striking the tam-tam including mallets normally used for the cymbal, timpani, or bass drum, as well as beaters for the triangle, brushes, and even their hands in some cases.

In the orchestra setting the bass drum is suspended in a frame that allows the drummer to change its position or angle. It is usually suspended by rubber straps or leather straps or wires.

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Paul McCartney used the bass riff from ‘Talkin’ About You’ by Chuck Berry in ‘I Saw Her Standing There." While that would seem to be a clear case of plagiarism, The Beatles learned that you could lift bass lines without running afoul of the law. (Apparently, the same goes for drum beats.)

A bass drum sound is achieved by hitting the center of the front, or head, and a higher tone is achieved by striking the instrument closer to the top of the head's surface.

Due to a dispute regarding song writing credits, Ozzy Osbourne rerecorded new bass and drum tracks for the 2002 reissue of Blizzard of Ozz. The original bass and drum tracks were unavailable until 2011.

Bass drums are made with a shell (cylinder) that is usually made of a type of wood (sometimes metal), with two heads (the part struck by the mallet or bass pedal) stretched over the two open shell ends.

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend was completely deafened in one ear after his drummer Keith Moon put dynamite in the bass drum of his drum set and set it off on stage.

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Hands are not the only striking tool for the cajon. Musicians also use metal brushes, plastic brushes, sticks, mallets, and some use the drum pedal usually used for a bass drum.

"Daniel," the famous text-to-speech voice and UK voice of Apple's Siri, is voiced by Jon Briggs, one the best known commercial voices in the UK. Known as the voiceover statistician in BBC's The weakest Link, and the narrator for the start of the drum and bass song "Blood Sugar" by Pendulum.

The mallets used for playing the bass drum (when not using a bass pedal) usually have a thick handle often made of beech wood or hornbeam. The head usually has a wood core and is wrapped in felt material.

The Ludwig Drum Company got it's start in Chicago. It's first product was a faster bass drum pedal.

The Killers band name derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band, portrayed in the music video for the New Order song "Crystal".

The amen break is a drum solo performed by the 60's soul band The Winstons. It has since become the most sampled track in history, used in a wide array of genres from hip-hop to drum&bass

About the Amen break (aka Amen loop). The drum beat that is the base for Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Breaks, ect. [MUSIC]

About music artist Neiromonakh Feofan (Neuromonk Feofan), who play a mix of drum 'n' bass and Russian folk music

Tom Hanks played both the bass and drums for a RHCP knockoff band called "Lock Up" in the early 90's

Alannis Morissette's breakout hit "You Oughta Know" features Flea on bass and Dave Navarro on drums

On most of his albums, Prince not only wrote and sang his songs, but did everything else: played the guitar, bass, drums, percussion and produced and arranged them all himself.

On The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, had extra charges added into his bass drum for the explosion at the end of the song "My Generation" without telling his band mates. Pete Townshend claims to have gone deaf in his right ear.

Jazz drummer Louie Bellson was one of the pioneers of the double bass drumming method. I had always associated it with metal

A bass drum has been a season ticket holder with the Cleveland Indians for 5 years and counting

Eminem's world record breaking "Rap God" was beaten by UK Drum and Bass MC Harry Shotta with his track "Animal"

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