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The guitar pic (or plectrum) is commonly used when playing the electric guitar or acoustic guitars fitted with steel strings. Many classical guitar players only use their fingers. Pics are often made of plastic but some are also made of wood, bone, or even steel.

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Guitar types include acoustic, renaissance, baroque, classical, flat top, resonator, Dobro, twelve string, acoustic bass, electric (hollow body, semi-hollow, solid body), seven string and eight string electric, and electric bass.

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  1. The "Cuchi-Cuchi" lady, Charo has been twice voted "Best Classical Flamenco Guitarist in the World” by Guitar Player Magazine. Check out her skills.

  2. Antonio de Torres Jurado is considered to be the father of the modern guitar known today as the classical acoustic.

  3. The nokia theme comes from a classical guitar piece by Tarrega. It is now the most heard tune in the world, and is only a small 3 measure line in the original piece.

  4. The classic opening guitar riff of "Johnny B. Goode" is actually a note-for-note copy of the opening of Louis Jordan's "Ain't That Just Like a Woman"

  5. The Nokia Ringtone is from a 1902 classical composition for solo guitar, Gran Vals.

  6. Classical guitars are commonly the main instrument in several genres of music including country, blues, soul, folk, jazz, mariachi, and flamenco.

  7. Classical guitars tend to have nylon strings; acoustic and folk guitars tend to have steel strings; electric guitars have steel strings.

  8. The "guitar" sample in Mobb Deep's rap classic "Shook Ones Part II" is actually a slowed down piano from Herbie Hancock's "Jessica," and that this wasn't figured out until 2011

  9. Up until recently classical guitar strings were made of animal intestine

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[Til] that portuguese music sounds great on classical guitar

The nokia-tune is actually a small part of a classic guitar piece. - source

You can make a classical guitar sound like a snare drum - source

A piece composed for the bass can also be played on a classical guitar - source

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The "Nokia Tune" is an excerpt from a classical guitar composition

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The design of the modern classical guitar is mostly derived from the work of a single Spanish luthier from the 19th century.

The most difficult musical instrument to learn is the Violin, followed by the French Horn, Organ, Oboe, Bagpipes, Harp, Piano, Accordion, Classical Guitar and finally Drums.

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