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John Barrier, after a bank teller refused to validate his 50 cent parking because he was dressed poorly, he withdrew his million dollars from his account and took it to the bank across the street

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16 year old Matt Damon and 14 year old Ben Affleck created a joint bank account, which held their money from filming commercials in Boston, so the two could pay for trips to audition for roles in New York.

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  1. In 2008, Jeremy Clarkson published his bank details in his Sun newspaper column to prove nobody could take money from his account. Somebody then donated £500 to a Diabetes charity from his account.

  2. "celebrity psychiatrist" Dr. Isaac Herschkopf manipulated a patient into cutting off his family, giving him his home, signing over his bank account, and amending his will to leave everything to the doctor's wife. Yet Dr. Herschkopf still maintains his medical license in New York City today.

  3. Sylvester Stallone was not the actor that the producers wanted to star in 'Rocky'. With just $106 in his bank account, Stallone turned down a $300,000 offer — the equivalent of $1 million today — for the rights to 'Rocky' so he could star in the film himself.

  4. In 2006 Michael Vick started a charity for at-risk youth. The charity spent $20,000 of its budget on programs for kids, paid $97,000 to a friend of Vick's who acted as the foundation's "fundraiser" and gave the remaining $50,000 in its bank account to Vick's financial adviser.

  5. When Billie Holiday died, she had 70 cents in her bank account and $750 taped to her leg.

  6. A New Zealand couple disappeared after $6M was accidentally credited in their bank account.

  7. A customer closed his million-dollar bank account after his bank refused to validate a 50c parking ticket

  8. A parking meter official got busted stealing $90,000 in quarters. Bank staff became suspicious because he was regularly depositing large amounts of coins into his personal account while still wearing his parking enforcement uniform.

  9. The most typical human on the planet is now a Han Chinese man who speaks Mandarin and has neither a car nor a bank account.

  10. The Beatles trip to India ended badly because the Maharishi wanted the band to deposit up to 25% of their next album's profits in his Swiss bank account as a tithe, to which Lennon replied, "Over my dead body".

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My bank account since I got my first job

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I tracked my bank account from my first job to College without loans

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Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) published his bank and acct # in his newspaper column, claiming “worst-case scenario, someone would be able to pay money into my account.” Within a few days, someone set up a direct debit for £500 in favor of a charity, which didn’t require any identification.

Oliver North once gave the wrong bank account number, and accidentally transferred $10,000,000 to a Swiss business man. (1986) - source

In 1934, Swiss banking secrecy laws were strengthened to encourage Jews of Central & Eastern Europe, fearful of Nazis, to hide their assets in Swiss banks. After a majority of those depositors died during the Holocaust, the laws were used to wrongfully deny their heirs access to those accounts - source

A guy amended a credit card contract to include 0% interest and an unlimited credit line and large fees to be paid to him if the bank didn't uphold it. The bank agreed to the terms, then later tried to cancel his account. A judge upheld the amended contract.

The CFPB found that 61 percent of bank profits from consumer checking accounts come from overdraft and insufficient funds fees - source

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If you're an American with over $4,436 in your bank account, you're above average.

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In Saudi Arabia, all women, regardless of age, are required to have a male guardian. They also need permission from their male guardian to seek education, employment, open up a bank account, travel (under the age of 45), have surgery and marry or divorce

A beggar was caught outside a mosque in Kuwait telling worshipers that he badly needed cash and that he had no home. Since it is illegal, he was arrested and police discovered he had over 500,000 Kuwaiti Dinars in his bank account ($1,650,000)

When Sylvester Stallone was pitching his new script in the 70's, the studio refused to make it with Stallone in the lead. He turned down $300k with only $106 in his bank account until the studio caved and made it with him as the star. That film was Rocky.

The trick from "Office Space" where they stole tiny fractions of a cent from a large number of transactions and put it into their own bank accounts is called 'salami slicing'

Oliver North solicited $10,000,000 from the Sultan of Brunei as a way around US rules on funding Contras in Nicaragua. The money never went to them, but to a Swiss businessman instead because North entered the wrong bank account number.

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Running Total of my bank accounts from Jan 1st 2018 to Dec 31st 2018

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On his 29th Birthday Sylvester Stallone had only $106 in his bank account , which he later spend on watching a fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner who inspired the movie and Balboa's underdog personality in Rocky.

Pia Farrenkopf died in 2009... But her body wasn't discovered until 2014, largely because she had auto-pay set up for her bills. Her mummified body was found in the garage of her newly foreclosed home only after her bank account finally ran dry.

HSBC processed cash for Mexico's Sinaloa cartel. At least $881m in drug trafficking money was laundered throughout HSBC accounts. The bank widened the windows at some branches to allow tellers to accept larger boxes of money.

Kassi Manlan, the representative for the World Health Organization in Burundi, was murdered by colleagues and senior members of the Burundian police and security services after Dr. Manlan discovered that malaria funds were being diverted to private bank accounts.

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In January 1992, the banking system of Rhode Island suddenly collapsed, and hundreds of thousands of people lost access to their bank account for months, even years. Protesters were reported to smear excrement on the walls of the Rhode Island legislature in anger.

US Patent 5878155 was submitted by IBM and it presents a mechanism to tattoo people with a bar code to provide identity for sales transactions and bank account transactions.

If you're an American with over $4,436 in your bank account, you are already richer than 50% of Americans.

A beggar was caught outside a mosque in Kuwait telling worshipers that he badly needed cash and that he had no home. Since it is illegal, he was arrested and police discovered he had over 500,000 Kuwaiti Dinars in his bank account (US$1,650,000)

Lane Bryant should have been named Lena Bryant after its founder, but a bank officer misspelled her name when she opened an account to purchase fabrics in 1904, and it stuck.

In 2000, according to a World Bank estimate, khat (a drug) accounted for 30% of Yemen’s economy.

A German bank teller fell asleep at the keyboard and accidentally transferred 222,222,222.222 euros from a customer's account.

Jeremy Clarkson published his bank details in a national newspaper in an attempt to prove money could not be withdrawn from his account with these details. He was proven wrong when the National Diabetic Society withdrew £500.

The oldest bank account in the world belongs to Uthman Ibn Affan from 1400 years ago

You take home all your lottery winnings in Canada. Although, interest earned on these lottery winnings is taxed, a Canadian resident who has won $50 million will get the full $50 million deposited into his/her bank account(s).

Yitzhak Rabin resigned from being prime minister of Israel after a journalist discovered that he had an American bank account with $170 from when he was ambassador, in breach of Israeli law

An FBI informant had lived with two of the 911 hijackers in 2000 - even opening a bank account for one of them.

At least 10 million people around the world are denied a nationality. As a result, they often aren’t allowed to go to school, see a doctor, get a job, open a bank account, buy a house or even get married.

China is CCTV cameras are so sophisticated that they not only recognize faces, but also walking gait and travel patterns, and can lower credit or charge fines directly to a person’s bank account for misdemeanors or acts such as jaywalking

A man opened 58,000 brokerage accounts with fake names to get the sub-$1 bank account verification deposits, including 11,385 as "Speed Apex".

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