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After visiting the Three Mile Island nuclear plant's accident in 1979, Jimmy Carter—trained in nuclear power from the US Navy—told his cabinet that the incident was minor. The president did not say so in public, however, to avoid offending fellow Democrats who opposed nuclear power.

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The original Legend of Zelda was deeply rooted with Christian references, including the "Spell Book" actually being the Bible and an official picture of Link praying to a crucifix. It was censored by Nintendo of America to avoid offending everyone religious and non-religious.

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  1. At least 15 repeat sex offenders in California have asked for surgical castration as a way of avoiding indefinite incarceration.

  2. Under a 2011 program in Alabama, first-time nonviolent offenders could avoid jail by going to church

  3. The BBC at first refused to play "My Generation" to avoid offending stutterers. Though many reasons have been given for the stutter (trying to sound like a mod on speed, or making people think he was about to say "fuck off"), Roger Daltrey said he was just unrehearsed and nervous.

  4. Bangkok police officers used to use striped armbands as a badge of shame for minor infractions, but the striped armbands began to be viewed as collectibles by offending officers. As a result, since 2007, the police have been using Hello Kitty armbands to avoid the perverse incentive.

  5. The US allows repeat sex offenders to undergo surgical castration to avoid life imprisonment sentences

  6. When Prince Fushimi of Japan visited the UK in 1907, the government banned 'The Mikado' to avoid offending him. The prince was disappointed, as he had looked forward to being able to attend the Gilbert and Sullivan opera while in London.

  7. Rooster State Park, a state park in Oregon. The park's name comes from Rooster Rock, a large phallus shaped basalt formation. It was named Iwash (penis) by the Native Americans and Cock Rock by Lewis and Clark. The name was changed to Rooster Rock to avoid offending the public.

  8. On the Isle of Portland, England, there is such a fear of the word 'rabbits' that advertisements have been specially altered to avoid offending the locals.

  9. Bangkok police used tartan armbands as a badge of shame for minor infractions, but they were treated as collectibles by offending officers forced to wear them. Since 2007, they have been using armbands with the cute Hello Kitty cartoon character to avoid the perverse incentive.

  10. Colonial Americans celebrated Guy Fawkes Day as 'Pope's Day'. Anti-Catholic mobs would hang or burn the Pope in effigy, making "rude noisy speeches and demands of money or liquor." The custom was banned by George Washington to avoid offending Catholic French Canadians

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There was a female sex offender that was so attractive, her lawyer argued she was too pretty to go to prison. The judge agreed. She avoided jail time.

The USA used to celebrate the 5th of November just like England, except it was called Pope Night and an effigy of the Pope was burnt instead. Washington banned the practice to avoid offending French Canadians. - source

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