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To obtain tears of the big-eyed lorises, skewers are inserted into the animals anuses and run through their bodies until they exit the mouth, the still-living animals are then roasted over a fire and the tears that stream from their eyes are collected and used in traditional Asian medicine.

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When Banksy storyboarded that infamous Simpson's Asian sweatshop couch gag, it was outsourced to a South Korean studio (like all other animation on the show). The animators were not amused.

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  1. A Krasue, a Southeast Asian creature of folklore. The entity appears as the floating head of a beautiful girl but has internal organs hanging out below the neck. It floats through the night dragging its entrails and is said to eat both humans and animals. It drinks blood and eats organs.

  2. Asian palm civets can mate all year round (most babies are born from October to December).

  3. Females mate only with large, dominant, testosterone-filled males.

  4. Color of the fur of Asian golden cat depends on the habitat (it provides camouflage). It can be golden, brown, cinnamon, grey or black in color. Face is covered with black and white stripes. Body of some individuals is covered with spots and stripes.

  5. Asian golden cat is territorial animal. Males live on a territory of 18.4 square miles, while females occupy territory of 12.6 square miles.

  6. Asian giant hornet can reach 1.5 to 2 inches in length. It has a wingspan of 3 inches.

  7. Only male Asian elephants have tusks. Females have reduced tusks known as tushes.

  8. Asian palm civet is solitary creature.

  9. Construction of the nest starts in the spring and continues until the autumn when workers and queen complete their life cycle and die.

  10. Asian golden cat is crepuscular animal which means that it is active mostly at dusk and dawn.

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Babies have only 8.8 ounces at birth. They will triple their weight in just 8 weeks. Kittens are covered with fur (same color like adult cats) and blind at birth. Babies will open their eyes 6 to 12 days after birth.

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee made of coffee beans that passed through digestive system of Asian palm civet (extracted from its feces). With a price of 100 dollars per pound, Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world.

Pregnancy in females lasts 78 to 80 days and ends with one to three kittens. Both parents take care of the babies.

Fertilized queens remain dormant until the spring, when cycle starts all over again.

Queen builds nest and lays eggs inside the hollow tree or under the rotten roots. Nest is made of chewed bark and it consists of numerous cells arranged in the form of honeycomb.

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Asian golden cat consumes birds, large rodents, small deer and lizards. It can kill a prey that is much bigger than its size.

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Asian golden cat leaves scratch marks on the trees and use scent and urine to mark its territory.

Few Asian antelope species have 4 instead of two horns.

Asian elephant has dark grey to brown body. Pink skin can be seen on the parts of forehead, ears, trunk and chest.

Pregnancy lasts 20 to 22 months and ends with one or rarely two calves.

Binturong has long snout, small, rounded ears, small reddish-brown eyes and long white whiskers. It has elongated, stocky body that ends with long, bushy tail. Binturong is also known as "Asian bearcat" because of its bear-shaped body and cat-like face.

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Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 18 to 24 months, males at the age of 2 years. Asian golden cats reproduce successfully in the zoos around the world.

Asian giant hornet is part of human diet in Japan.

Asian Mandarin ducks are migratory. They spend cold winters in the eastern China and southern Japan.

Females usually start to reproduce at the age of 14 years. They produce offspring once every 4 years.

Asian giant hornet does not hesitate to attack humans. All victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible due to life-threatening allergic reaction.

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Asian palm civet has big eyes, long, pointed muzzle, small ears, elongated, stocky body and long tail.

Magpie is very intelligent bird and one of the rare animals that can recognize its own image in the mirror (only few apes, bottlenose dolphin and Asian elephant are able to recognize themselves in the mirror).

Largest species of hornets is Asian giant hornet that can reach 2 inches in length.

Mother takes care of her offspring until they become ready for the independent life. Asian palm civets reach sexual maturity at the age of 11 to 12 months.

Larvae of certain Asian species of fireflies have gills and they live in the water. Most other fireflies (larvae) spend their life under the ground or on the trees.

Asian palm civet is active during the night (nocturnal animal).

Males leave their native herds when they reach puberty. Young males travel alone or gathered in bachelor herds. Adult males prefer solitary life.

Aside from honey bees, Asian giant hornet also eats wasps, praying mantis and other hornets.

Asian giant hornet is responsible for 40 human deaths in Japan each year.

Based on the genetic and morphological evidences, bay cat is closely related to Asian golden cat and marbled cat.

People on Thailand believe that burning of the fur of Asian golden cat keeps tigers on the safe distance. Because of that, Asian golden cat is also known as “fire tiger”.

Asian walking catfish is a species of catfish that can move on the ground using its front fins and tail. This fish "walks" short distances when it needs to pass from one pool of water to another.

Asian elephant can reach 21 feet in length and up to 11.000 pounds of weight.

Asian elephant has smaller body and smaller, more rounded ears than its African cousin.

Asian elephant has very long trunk that is used for breathing, smelling, trumpeting, digging of food from the ground, stripping bark from the trees and for manipulation of various objects. Elephant can crush large tree and collect small items from the surface of the ground with its trunk with equal ease. Fine coordination and strength of trunk lays in the fact that it is made of around 60.000 muscles.

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