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Charles Darwin & Joseph Hooker started the world's first terraforming project on Ascension Island in 1850. The project has turned an arid volcanic wasteland into a self sustaining and self reproducing ecosystem made completely of foreign plants from all over the world.

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The remote Ascension Island in the Atlantic was known as a barren, desert island when it was discovered in the 1700s, but today boasts one of the world's largest artificial forests, planned by Charles Darwin and botanist Joseph Hooker in order to make the island livable.

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  1. On Ascension Day in 1503 an island was discovered in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. It is a volcanic island named because of the day it was discovered.

  2. A Dutch mariner was exiled as punishment for homosexuality to the tiny island of Ascension between South America and Africa where there is no water. He resorted to drinking the blood of turtles and seabirds and, eventually, his own urine to survive. No skeleton was ever discovered.

  3. Ascension island is a dependency of St Helena, which itself is a dependency of Britain. This makes Ascension Island the only place in the world that is a colony of a colony.

  4. The main export of Ascension Island is their postage stamps.

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