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The stereotypical anchor tattoo indicated a sailor had crossed the Atlantic.

how many slaves crossed the atlantic?

Only 388k slaves out of a total 12.5 million that crossed the Atlantic were sold in the US. The rest (10.7 million) went to Mexico and South America.

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what carthaginian general crossed the alps?

  1. Snails have crossed from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean, alive, by being digested by birds and being pooped out, still living.

  2. When the Pilgrims landed in America, they encountered a native that had crossed the Atlantic 6 times and spoke fluent English. One of the first things the natives asked for was beer.

  3. In 1807 the British Navy put together the West Africa Squadron. Slaver hunters that chased down any slaver ships they could find crossing the Atlantic, and fining them up to £100 per slave on board. Slavers would often throw slaves overboard to avoid paying.

  4. In 2003 a model airplane crossed the atlantic. It weighed less than 5kg and only used 2.2kg of fuel during the 38 hour flight.

  5. A model airplane crossed the Atlantic on one fuel tank. It flew from Canada to Ireland and landed with only 1.8 oz of fuel left. (2003)

  6. Two kittens, and three men, crossed the Atlantic on a raft made of 9 telephone poles in 1956. The kittens were given to the Duke of Bedford, the Queen's cousin, and lived out their days in luxury.

  7. There is a creek in Wyoming that splits and flows to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is thought that cutthroat trout used this passage to cross the Continental Divide.

  8. The first attempt to cross the Atlantic by air included a cat.

  9. A model airplane crossed the Atlantic Ocean nonstop burning only a little under 1 gallon of fuel.

  10. The first pilots crossing the Atlantic, crash landed on bogland in the western tip of Ireland. During their flight they came into free fall twice above the ocean. They lost the hood of the ‘cockpit’ and went trough snow and rain at 3500 m altitude, soaking and freezing them completely.

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A New York newspaper caused a sensation in 1844 when it broke the story of a British adventurer who'd crossed the Atlantic by balloon in just 75 hours. Two days later, the paper admitted the story was a hoax. Later, it was revealed the writer was Edgar Allen Poe.

Many prospectors in the mid-1800s used this route during the California gold rush. Because the canal did not yet exist they sailed the Atlantic to Panama, crossed the isthmus either on foot, mules or boat, and then took another ship to California.

The record crossing of the Atlantic in a sailboat took just 3 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes, with an average speed of 61.88 km/h. This is less than 5 hours slower than the fastest Blue Riband ocean liner, and faster than the second fastest Blue Riband liner. - source

The first ocean to be crossed by an airplane was the Atlantic Ocean. It was also the first ocean to be crossed by a ship.

The massive old cruise ship that's been moored in a shipyard in Philadelphia since 1996 is the SS United States, a luxury cruise liner used to transport JFK, Harry Truman and others and was the fastest liner to cross the atlantic - source

When was the last time columbus crossed the atlantic?

The very first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean was "The City of Savanna, which sailed from Georgia. Savanna is a city in Georgia.

How greta crossed the atlantic?

In 1844 the The Sun newspaper of New York published a detailed, plausible account of the first trans-Atlantic crossing by a remarkable flying machine. A retraction was printed 3 days later when the story was found to be a hoax. The trickster was Edgar Allan Poe.

In 1928, a German sailor named Franz Romer crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon, Portugal to the Virgin Islands, a trip lasting 58 days. This is nothing special, even for the early twentieth century, except for the fact that he made this trip by himself in a small kayak

The record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean was set in 1992, when a vessel went from Sandy Hook, NJ to England in just 48 hours and 34 minutes. The ship averaged the equivalent of 50 miles per hour for the voyage.

The first ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean with passengers on board was the Cunard Line, in the 1850s.

Charles Lindbergh was not the first pilot to cross the Atlantic. It had been completed dozens of times before but never had it been done by a solo pilot.

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There was a plan for a cross Florida canal, cutting Florida in half and connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico

All monkeys in the Americas are descended from African monkeys that crossed the Atlantic 40 million years ago, possibly on floating islands.

About the Cross Florida Barge Canal that was supposed to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to make it easier for barge traffic to get from one to the other. It was started by FDR in 1935 but it never completed. It has now become a hiking trail.

The New York Sun published a story on April 13, 1844 about a man crossing the Atlantic in 3 days - which turned out to be a hoax by Edgar Allan Poe

At least 2 million enslaved people died on slave ships crossing the Atlantic

The first recorded raft crossing of the Atlantic took place in 1956 with a crew of three humans and two kittens crossing from Nova Scotia to Cornwall, England. A cousin of Queen Elizabeth adopted the kittens.

The Hales Trophy is awarded to the commercial passenger ship that makes the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing. The current record holder is still disputed because speeds were established without carrying passengers.

A canal system crosses France, connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The Canal des Deux Mers ("Two Seas Canal"), 270 miles long, was finished in the mid-19th century after almost 200 years of construction.

Edith Wharton, the first female Pulitzer Prize for Literature winner (The Age of Innocence, 1921), published her first novel at age 40, and she eventually published 23 novel/novelettes and 10 non-fiction books. During her life she crossed the Atlantic 60 times on many trips to Europe.

Kazimierz Leski, a Polish officer who during WW2 posed as Wehrmacht Lieutenant, Generalmajor and fictional General Julius von Halmann. He managed to cross Europe several times and visit Atlantic Wall construcion site without being revealed.

It was only 30 years ago (July 3, 1987) that a hot-air balloon was able to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It was on that date businessman Richard Branson, 36 and adventurer Per Lindstrand, 38, flew 4,947 km(3,074 mi) between Sugarloaf, Maine, USA, and Limavady, Ireland

About Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian explorer who crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in historically accurate boats that he built. Lending weight to a diffusion model of civilisation and explaining the wide spread of the pyramid designs

About 2,500 flights cross the Atlantic every single day - this time lapse video demonstrates just what that looks like

A short story about a gigantic luxury passenger liner that was deemed unsinkable and called the "Titan", struck an iceberg while crossing the North Atlantic and sank with terrible loss of life, was published in 1898, 14 years before the launch of the Titanic.

The night before the launch of Apollo 8 in 1968, Charles Lindbergh, the first man to cross the Atlantic by plane in solo, visited the three astronauts. He told them that to calculate the fuel needed for his flight, he had used a string to measure the distance from New York to Paris on a globe.

A man biked from Paris through France, Spain and Morocco, eating only out-of-date food that would have been thrown away, to draw attention to the epidemic of food wastage. He continued his campaign by crossing the Atlantic on a pedal boat, getting all of his calories from expired food.

In 2003, Maynard Hill created the first model airplane to cross the Atlantic. The 11-pound plane flew 1,888 miles from Canada to Ireland in 39 hours. It set world records for longest distance and longest time ever flown by a model airplane. Hill was 77, legally blind, and mostly deaf

64 year old crossed the Atlantic in a kayak

Two Italian men both named Marco crossed the Atlantic in a floating car in 1999

Christopher Columbus went to Iceland in 1477 and learned about the Norsemen sailing to North America centuries before. Then, he crossed the Atlantic and claimed the discovery of America.

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