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Armie Hammer's great-grandfather, Armand Hammer, did not found Arm & Hammer baking soda but he bought it because it was already his own name

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The actor Armie Hammer is the grandson of Armand Hammer, who was named after the "arm & hammer" emblem of the Soviet Union. The elder Armand also tried to buy out the Arm & Hammer company because of the similarity to his name.

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  1. The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is named after Armand Hammer, the oil tycoon and philanthropist, and has no relationship to Arm and Hammer the Baking Soda. And also Armand Hammer is the great-grandfather of actor Armie Hammer.

  2. Armie Hammer's paternal great-grandfather, Armand Hammer, was the most influential President and CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

  3. Actor Armie Hammer's great-grandfather Armand Hammer was on the board of directors of the company that owns Arm & Hammer

  4. Armie Hammer's full name is Armand Hammer, in honor of his great-grandfather who was, ironically, a multimillionare industrialist.

  5. George Miller trained Armie Hammer by making him paranoid to make him a better Batman!

  6. About Cleitus the Black, a Macedonian army officer who saved the life of Alexander by Great after severing the hammer wielding arm of an enemy soldier as it came down on Alexander. Six years later, Alexander killed Cleitus by throwing a javelin through his body in a drunken quarrel.

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