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The insides of your cheeks are made of the same tissue as the insides of a woman's vagina.

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There's a festival in Japan called 'Kanamara Matsuri' or 'festival of the steel phallus'. Legend has it a woman with a demonic vagina destroyed all this towns penis's until a blacksmith made a steel penis that destroyed the vaginas teeth. Now once a year they celebrate everything penis like.

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  1. A woman confessed to trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and urging him to have oral sex with her. One commentator dubbed the murder plot “cunning cunnilingus.”

  2. A woman made a 3D print of her vagina and made a kayak. She was arrested for obscenity.

  3. A woman without a vagina performed oral sex, got in a knife fight, and was impregnated when the sperm passed from her stomach to her uterus. This was in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

  4. Due to a pharmaceutical labeling error, a woman received severe chemical burns over 80% of her vagina during a routine medical procedure. By way of compensation, the pharmacy that made the error sent her an apology and a $50 gasoline gift card. The woman did not have a car.

  5. After a miscarriage in 1726, a woman named Mary Toft began placing rabbits inside her vagina claiming that when they exited her she had given birth to a monster. 17 such "monsters" were "born". The discovery of her fraud ruined the careers of several prominent surgeons who believed her.

  6. A woman in the UK was sent to three years in prison for wasting police time after reporting a sexual assault. This is despite the fact that "the police had documented the injuries to the back of her head and breasts, the black eye, the bleeding from her vagina."

  7. A woman's uterus can fall out of her vagina if the muscles are too weak.

  8. In 1977 Hollywood released the movie Chatterbox about a woman with a talking vagina

  9. A 22 year old Colombian woman had roots grow out of her vagina after trying to use a potato as a contraceptive

  10. Harry Houdini used to expose spirit mediums as frauds including a woman who claimed she could make a hand made out of ectoplasm crawl out of her vagina.

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The novel "The Godfather" includes a subplot wherein Sonny Corleone has a huge penis, and has an affair with a woman who has an enormous vagina. After his death, she is distraught, has surgery to "correct" it, and goes on to marry the surgeon. This subplot was omitted from the film.

A woman, now deceased, requested that a stonemason engrave a replica of her vagina on her tombstone to ensure her husband never looked at another woman. - source

Couples can get "stuck" together during sex. It's called Penis Captivus and they aren't really sure why it happens, although they theorize its from the woman's vagina clamping down so hard. - source

When a woman is aroused, her vagina actually elongates and widens.

Doctors found a potato growing inside a columbian woman's vagina - source

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Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti suddenly divorced all of his 28 wives, saying "no man has the right to own a woman's vagina"

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Ophidicism is a sexual act in which a woman inserts the tail of a snake or eel in her vagina or anus, and receives pleasure as it wriggles to get free.

Every April, the Kanamara Matsuri (aka "Festival of the Steel Phallus") is held in Japan. It is based on a legend that there was a sharp-toothed demon living in a woman's vagina and an iron phallus was created to break the demon's teeth.

Blowing air into a woman’s vagina may cause an air embolism

A woman laced her vagina with poison in order to kill her husband during sex

The Roman Emporer Elagabalus may have been transgender as he regularly applied cosmetics, liked being called "mistress, the wife, the queen of Hierocles" and asked physicians to contrive a woman's vagina in his body.

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In 1726 a woman named Mary Toft tricked doctors into believing she had given birth to rabbits.She did so by showing dead rabbits up her vagina and then pushing them out hence "birthing" them.

Myrtle Corbin, otherwise known as the 'four legged woman' a result of her impartially formed twin sister, was born with two vaginas and only one out of the four legs was functional.

Vaginal flora or vaginal microbiota are the microorganisms that colonize the vagina. It was discovered by the German gynecologist Albert Döderlein in 1892 and are part of the overall human flora. The amount and type of bacteria present have significant implications for a woman's overall health.

A woman without a vagina became pregnant By getting stabbed in the abdomen after performing oral sex

There is a cologne that smells like woman's vagina.

How is the urine of a pregnant woman?

About Vagina Dentata (Latin for toothed vagina ) describes a folk tale in which a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury, emasculation , or castration for the man involved.

A woman in New Zealand received severe burns to her vagina in a medical procedure due to a mislabelled bottle of acetic acid. The pharmacy responsible issued her with a $50 fuel voucher as compensation

The word hysteria is derived from the greek word for uterus (ὑστέρα), because it was believed to be caused by a defect in a woman's vagina and uterus. It was also believed that a woman's womb took up much of her body, but shrunk at death.

The condition of a man getting his penis stuck in a woman's vagina is called "penis captivus."

You can kill a woman by blowing into her vagina.

A company created a small speaker which a pregnant woman can insert into her Vagina which enables her growing baby to listen to music while still inside the belly

An unfortunate young woman checks into the Emergency Department overnight. Her chief complaint: “perineal burn” ... about a ‘beauty/wellness’ trend that has gone viral: Vagina Steaming. (aka the V-Steam)

Postmortem Fetal Extrusion, aka “coffin birth”,y wherein the abdominal gases of a deceased pregnant woman can sometimes cause the deceased fetus to be pushed out of the vagina, or “birthed”, up to 48-72 hours after the mother has died.

Every April in Kawasaki Japan there is a "festival of the Steel Phallus" which Legend has it was used to break the teeth of a demon that had cursed the vagina of a young woman.

The condom was first used during the time King Minos who ruled the ancient in 3000 B.C, evidence suggests. Manuscripts indicate, Minos's mistresses died after having intercourse with him probably because the bladder of a goat was inserted into the woman's vagina.

The ‘husband stitch’ is a surgical procedure in which an extra suture used to repair a woman's perineum after it is torn during childbirth. The purpose is to make the vagina ‘tighter’ and improve pleasure during sex for her partner. This is often done without the woman’s consent.

About the husband stitch, a procedure in which one or more stitches than necessary are used to repair the perineum of a woman that has been torn or cut during childbirth. The claimed purpose is to tighten the vagina and thereby enhance the pleasure of a husband during sex.

A ‘husband stitch’ is “a surgical procedure in which one or more sutures than necessary are used to repair a woman’s perineum after it has been torn during childbirth.” Its purpose is to make the vagina tighter so her partner has greater pleasure during sex. Women are often not informed.

A woman, who was born without a vagina, performed oral sex on her boyfriend only to be stabbed by a jealous former lover shortly after. The woman survived the attack and wound up pregnant, with doctors believing that sperm traveled from the opening in her stomach to her reproductive organs.

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