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When the CEO of discount supermarket chain ALDI was kidnapped, he haggled about his ransom money and claimed the sum as a tax-deductable business expense in court after his release

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The discount supermarket chain ALDI is actually two entirely separate but co-operating companies with two different logos.

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  1. Aldi operates the supermarket chain Trader Joe's.

  2. One of the founders of the Aldi supermarket chain was kidnapped for 17 days until a 7-million Deutsche Mark was paid by a bishop.

  3. Trader Joes is actually a branch of the Aldi supermarket chain started by 2 brothers in Germany

  4. Trader Joe's supermarket brand has been owned by Aldi's since 1979.

  5. The Aldi supermarket chain split into two regions after the brothers that owned the company had a dispute over whether their stores would sell cigarettes

  6. Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi Nord, the giant global supermarket chain

  7. How the Aldi supermarket chain in Europe split into "north Aldi" and "south Aldi", then whenever the family moved business into the US, south Aldi became just "Aldi" and north Aldi became Trader Joe's

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