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Not a single person accused of witchcraft in America has been burned at the stake. Burning at the stake was only done in Europe, where witchcraft was a crime against the church. In America, witchcraft was a crime against the state, for which the punishment was hanging.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, who played a witch convicted in the Salem witch trials in the Disney movie "Hocus Pocus", later discovered that one of her ancestors was a real woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.

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  1. After he was accused of witchcraft, Giles Corey was subjected to "pressing." He was stripped naked and weight was added to a heavy plank on his chest to force him to plead innocent or guilty. Each time he was asked to make his plea, he said "more weight" and was eventually crushed to death.

  2. In May 1620, southern Germany experienced arctic temperatures and so 900 men and women were accused and executed for witchcraft as scapegoats for the change in temperatures.

  3. People accused of witchcraft who underwent trial by water actually had ropes to pull them out if they sank. The notion that the ordeal was devised as a situation without any possibility of live acquittal, even if the outcome was 'innocent', is a modern exaggeration.

  4. The last women accused of witchcraft in Salem, MA were finally proclaimed innocent in 2001.

  5. In Kenya, people accused of witchcraft are beaten and burned alive. Children accuse their widowed mothers of witchcraft to inherit their land.

  6. In 1998, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, lightning struck in the field during a football (soccer) match. 11 people died, all of the same team. The players from the other team were left unharmed. The whole thing even led to accusations of cursing and witchcraft.

  7. Dorothy Good, the youngest to be accused of witchcraft in the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692, was only four years old when interrogated by magistrates and five when sent to jail.

  8. Zach Braff and Mitt Romney are distant cousins and descendants of Rebecca Nurse, a devout Puritan Protestant woman who was falsely accused of practicing witchcraft and hanged at the infamous Salem witch trials

  9. In 2014, a mob in Papua New Guinea burnt a woman accused of witchcraft alive at the stakes. In 2017, her 6 year old daughter was tortured for the same alleged offence.

  10. Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's Tale, was the descendant of a woman who was accused of witchcraft in Puritan New England but survived her hanging.

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In Kenya (and eastern Africa) people accused of witchcraft are beaten and burned alive, and such lynchings are on the rise

Ancient Roman women apllied makeup which consisted of a variety of substances, ranging from minerals and herbs to lead (altough it was already known to be poisonous). While a decent makeup was considered embellishing, too much of it could make for accusations of adultery or even witchcraft. - source

Harvey was skeptical of allegations of witchcraft and in 1634 he was an examiner of four women accused of it.

He was accused of witchcraft by the Society of Apothecaries and in 1643 he joined the militia and acted as a battlefield surgeon at the Battle of Newbury.

The first woman to be accused in the Salem Witch Trials was a Native South American slave who actually confessed to witchcraft. Despite this, she was released relatively unharmed. - source

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The American Colonies had witch trials stvgarting around 50 years before Salem, the first in Massachusetts being Mary Parsons, one of the few wealthy women accused of witchcraft.

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Giles Corey, who was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. After refusing to enter a plea (negating the ability to be tried) he had boulders piled on his body in an attempt to coerce a plea. Every time he cried 'More Weight!' until he died.

Early Quaker missionary Mary Fisher traveled to Turkey- largely on foot- after an unsuccessful mission trip to colonial Massachusetts, where she was accused of witchcraft and beaten. In Turkey she met the Sultan himself, who allowed her to preach to him as "an Ambassador from God".

Joseph of Cupertino, an Italian friar from the 17th century who it was claimed was prone to miraculous levitation, often during mass. Although venerated by the people he was accused of witchcraft and confined to a cell. He was posthumously declared a saint

Rye bread is a possible explanation for the increased witchcraft accusations that led to the Salem witch trials

About Giles Corey, a Salem, MA man accused of witchcraft. He is the only known US example of death by pressing where he was crushed over a 3 day period rather than enter a plea. Today his ghost is rumored to foreshadow disasters.

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Starving boy accused of witchcraft and left to die attends first day at school one year after rescue

In Medieval Europe women who were accused of witchcraft would be tied up and thrown into a lake: if she floated, it proved she was a witch and she would then be hanged; if she sank and drowned, it proved she had been innocent.

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