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Betsy Aardsma, a graduate student who was stabbed at the Penn State University library. Because the wound was so small and the fact that she was wearing a red dress, no one noticed that she was stabbed until after she died, and EMTs thought she was suffering a seizure. The case is unsolved.

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In 1938 a woman named Helen Hulick was jailed for wearing slacks instead of a dress in Los Angeles

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  1. Up until the early 1900's, it was completely normal for children of both sexes in America to wear dresses until the age of 6 or 7. Gendered clothing didn't arrive until just before WWI, when pink was recommended for boys and the more 'delicate and dainty blue' was recommended for girls.

  2. In 2002, a fire at a girls' school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia killed fifteen girls. It has been strongly suggested that their deaths occured due to the involvement of the "religious police," who prevented them from leaving the building because the girls were not wearing correct Islamic dress.

  3. Google Images was created in response to Jennifer Lopez wearing a Versace dress to the Grammy's in 2000, which subsequently resulted in Google's "most popular search query" they had seen to date: Jennifer Lopez's green dress.

  4. Pyjamas (pajamas in the US) became fashionable because of World War I zeppelin air raids on Britain. Thrust into the evening due to an air raid, pyjamas were more practical and fashionable than night dresses, and coincided with the "new novelty" of women wearing trousers.

  5. Charles Bronson, tough guy actor of classic films like The Magnificent Seven and Death Wish, grew up in abject poverty, the 11th of 15 kids. His family was so poor he once had to wear his sister's dress to school. When he was 16, he mined coal for $1 per ton.

  6. Joan of Arc was (technically) condemned to death for cross-dressing. The Church made her pledge to no longer wear men's clothing, but her jailers only let her have men's clothing to wear; breaking her pledge was defined as heresy, giving the Inquisition its excuse to burn her

  7. Bridesmaids all wear matching colors because of an old tradition that dictated they not only dress like each other but like the bride herself in order to confuse evil spirits or those who wished to harm the bride.

  8. After H. P. Lovecraft's grandmother died when he was five years old, his mother and aunts began wearing black dresses around the house to mourn her. These "terrified" Lovecraft, and he began to have nightmares about them, which also involved some of the creatures he would later write about.

  9. Charles Bronson's, one of the toughest men in Hollywood, was so poor growing up that at one time he had to wear his sister's dress to school for lack of clothing.

  10. When on trial for their roles in anti-Vietnam War protests, two defendants showed up for court dressed in judicial robes. When instructed to remove them by the presiding judge, the pair complied to reveal police uniforms they were wearing underneath.

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The cross-dressing character “Corporal Klinger” on M*A*S*H was inspired by the '50s/'60s counterculture comedian Lenny Bruce who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy during WWII for wearing a woman's uniform and claiming homosexual tendencies

Jennifer Lopez wearing a green Versace dress during the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards subsequently led to the creation of Google's image search. - source

Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on an Alamo memorial, while drunk, and wearing his wife's dress, because she hid all his clothes so he can't buy liquor. He was banned from San Antonio for 10 years. - source

It was unusual to wear a 'white' wedding dress before Queen Victoria made it fashionable

Vanna White wears a new ensemble for every single episode of Wheel of Fortune. Every few weeks, she has a fitting where she tries on 50 to 75 loaner dresses sent by designers and picks her favorite 15. - source

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Ninjas didn't actually wear black masks. The black mask associated with ninjas is actually an amalgamation of how a thief dressed in Japan. Ninjas also didn't use shuriken Throwing stars), they were used by Samurai swordsmen.

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Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door is loosely based on Jean-Luc Picard. They are both naturally bald, red shirt wearing englishman leaders who never have good experiences handling women. For Halloween Numbuh 1 even dressed as a member of the Borg.

Charles Bronson's family was so poor that at one time he had to wear his sister's dress to school for lack of clothing.

Students at Oxford University are required to wear academic dress for all of their examinations - including a suit, gown, bowtie, and colour coded carnation. Students wear different gowns depending on their grades. Cambridge no longer has such dress for exams.

Harrods department store has a dress code policy. It has turned away people who it believed were not dressed appropriately. These included a soldier in uniform, a Scout troop, a woman with a mohican haircut, a 15 stone woman, and FC Shakhtar Donetsk's first team for wearing tracksuits.

Queen Victoria is credited with spreading the tradition of brides wearing white dresses to their weddings. After her wedding to Albert in 1840, the colour white became a status symbol of wealth and power, and others quickly followed her example.

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In 1982, while wearing his future wife Sharon's dress, Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly urinated on a cenotaph erected in honour of those who died at the Alamo in Texas. He was arrested and subsequently banned from the city of San Antonio for 10 years.

About Dorothy Gibson, an actress that survived the Titanic sinking and later went on to star on a film depicting the sinking wearing the same dress she had used during the real thing.

In 1975, the student senate of UT Austin passed a dress code that made it mandatory for women to wear a bra if they could not pass the pencil test. The decision was filibustered by a female senate member, who was physically removed from the room before the vote passed 11-9.

Ed Gein was a serial killer who inspired many horror movies. Gein would dig up fresh graves, cut the skin off corpses and wear it on his body. Upon his capture, they found skulls on his bedposts, a human heart in a frying pan, and a woman in his barn who’d been field-dressed like a deer.

Barbara Cartland became known for wearing her favorite color, pink, especially as pink dresses and plumed hats.

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"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was filmed behind the original Bates Motel from "Psycho" on the Universal Studios backlot. During one tour of the backlot, Jim Carrey pranked a group of tourists by ambushing them while wearing a dress and brandishing a knife.

The Pilgrims didn't dress in all black but only posed for portraits wearing all black

Disneyland has a dress code. Unsure what to wear, just ask yourself, “Will this outfit spoil someone's Disney magic?"

The country of Bhutan has a dress code for its citizens that requires all government employees and any citizens visiting government offices or schools to wear the national dress.

Women used to wear pockets as a separate undergarment, with slots in their dresses to access them.

Men in the senate are not allowed to wear anything but a suit, despite the loosening of restriction of the women's dress code in 1993.

Jennifer Lawrence loves Doritos so much she almost ruined some of her dresses on the set of American Hustle with Doritos dust. The wardrobe dept. had to make multiples of each dress, so she would always have a clean one to wear.

the creators of south park were nominated for the 72nd Oscars and decided to attend on acid and in dresses. When asked why they're wearing dresses they simply replied what a magical night tonight is.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (IE Mounties) don't actually wear the red tunic or the Campaign hat when they're doing day to day stuff, apparently they dress like regular cops these days.

Women of the Islam faith wear head-covering hijabs to dress modestly to follow Allah's decree. The Virgin May, Mother Teresa, and Catholic nuns have also worn the same head-covering hijab.

In Japan, western style underwear became popular only after a tragic incident of a fire in a departmental store (1932) which claimed 14 lives. It's alleged that some women refused to jump into the safety net as they were not wearing panties under their Kimono, the traditional Japanese dress

Ninjas didn't actually wear black. This idea came from Japanese theater, where the ninja characters would be disguised while performing next to the stagehands (prop handlers), who would be dressed in all black.

Women who played in the first Wimbledon tournaments had to wear full-length dresses.

During the filming of Star Wars, the studio heads were concerned that Chewbacca wasn't wearing pants, so they considered dressing him in lederhosen

While wearing Mess Dress, Officers and Senior NCOs of the US Marines have the option of wearing a cloak.

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