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During the 51 day siege by the FBI on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, the FBI used sleep deprivation to try to force the suspects out. This included around the clock broadcasts of jet planes, screams from rabbits being slaughtered and "These boots were made for walking"

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Before the Waco siege, a competing sect leader challenged David Koresh to a resurrection contest. Instead, Koresh reported him to police for corpse abuse.

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  1. David Koresh was born Vernon Howell in 1959. Howell had learning disabilities but an aptitude for scripture, music, and mechanics.

  2. The ATF investigation of the Branch Davidians began when a postal worker noticed all of their guns.

  3. A Time magazine poll showed that 61% of the people polled in 1999 believed the government was to blame for the tragedy.

  4. 'showtime" was the codename for the ATF raid on the compound, which included three helicopters and 100 agents.

  5. Eleven Davidians who left the compound after the initial ATF raid were charged with a plethora of felonies. Three were totally cleared, seven found guilty of manslaughter, with five additionally found guilty of firearms charges. Five of the Davidians were given forty year sentences, but those sentences were reduced in 2000 and the eleven are now all free.

  6. The Branch Davidians were founded as a Seventh Day Adventist splinter group by Victor Houteff in 1933. They were originally known as the "Davidian Seventh-day Adventist" church.

  7. The FBI used pyrotechnics on April 19, which probably caused the fire. They originally blamed the Davidians for intentionally starting the fire, but later admitted it was probably their devices that started it.

  8. Mount Carmel was founded as the communal headquarters of the Branch Davidians in 1933. The physical buildings went through many different iterations before 1993.

  9. Howell legally changed his name in 1990 to David Koresh after David, the King of Judah in the Old Testament, and Cyrus, the King of Persia.

  10. The final casualty count of the Waco Siege was four government agents killed and sixteen wounded. Eighty-two Branch Davidians were killed during the course of the siege.

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Timothy McVeigh committed the OKC bombing as retaliation for the what he saw as the Federal Government's mishandling of the Waco siege and other similar incidents, like Ruby Ridge in 1992.

Gary Noesner was the FBI agent originally in charge of negotiating with Koresh after the siege began, but eventually Dick Rogers of the Hostage Recovery Team took control.

Koresh followed the Old Testament example of polygamy, but proscribed celibacy for most of his male followers.

British SAS assisted in the siege of the Waco Texas compound in 1993.

The 3rd week of April is historically brutal. The Titanic sinking, the Waco siege, the Oklahoma City/Boston Marathon Bombings, the shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion all occurred between April 12th and April 20th - source

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There are some survivors of the Waco Siege who are awaiting the resurrection of David Koresh

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The central theme of 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' by Boards of Canada is about the Branch Davidians made famous by the FBI siege in Waco, TX 1993.

About the Siege of Waco when the FBI misjudged a cult and ended up killing 86 people as a result

Texas Aggie students once tried to lay siege to Waco with artillery over a stolen mascot

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