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The TV series 'Hannibal' had a shot of a naked flayed couple. NBC thought this was unacceptable because their buttcracks were fully visible. The director offered to fill their buttcracks with blood to make it less offensive. NBC agreed.

how visible light is used with solar photovoltaic panels?

The first ever synthetically produced color pigment, Egyptian blue, was created around 2,200 B.C. In 2006 scientists discovered it glows under fluorescent lights, allowing us to detect it on artifacts where it is no longer visible to the naked eye.

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  1. In 1958, the US Air Force made plans to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon and wanted it to visible by the naked eye on earth. They hoped it would boost American morale to counter the USSR's advances in the space race. Project_A119

  2. The Babylonians created the 7 day week because there are 7 celestial bodies visible to the naked eye (The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn).

  3. In the northern hemisphere, EVERYTHING visible in the night sky with the naked eye is within in our milky way galaxy...except one "star" which is actually the entire Andromeda galaxy.

  4. Surveyors have found that the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster( BIG BEN ) has developed a tilt. Experts says even though the tilt is visible to the naked eye, at its current speed, it would take some 4,000 years to reach the angle of the Leaning Tower of PISA.

  5. In 2008 there was a gamma ray burst, a violent cosmic explosion, 7.5 billion lightyears away, which is halfway across the visible universe, which could have been seen with a naked eye from the surface of the Earth. Anyone who saw it was looking billions of years into the past with their eyes.

  6. Most printers and copiers "watermark" the prints in a way that can track down who printed/copied a page. In addition this watermarked pattern is not visible to the naked eye, and many manufacturers don't disclose the presence of the feature to the general public

  7. An Asteroid called Apophis will flyby Earth on April 13, 2029 at approximately 19,000 miles above the surface and will be visible to the naked eye

  8. There are some types of bacteria so large that they are visible to the naked eye

  9. Two touching stars were expected to fully merge in 2022. The resulting explosion ("a Red Nova)" would have been visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, a small typo in old data threw the prediction off. Fortunately, the science behind the forecast is still sound, so we may soon predict another.

  10. The only main-belt asteroid that is visible on occasion to the naked eye is Vesta, which is just larger in diameter than 500km.

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Even though easily visible by naked eye, jelly fish is also classified as zooplankton because it cannot actively swim against the current.

In 1604 Johannes Kepler began to observe a supernova. It is sometimes called Kepler's Star and it occurred in the Milky Way. The supernova's official name is SN 1604. It faded from being visible by the naked eye after a year.

The Sirius star system is visible with the naked eye in the daytime sky given the right conditions - source

The asteroid Apophis, which is set to pass between a communications satellite and earth (and be visible to the naked eye) on April 13, 2029.

The parent rocks for phyllite is shale or pelite, or slate and are not usually visible with the naked eye.

When are the northern lights visible?

Of all the planets in our solar system Saturn is the farthest from Earth that is visible to the naked eye.

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The Phoebe ring, Saturn's largest ring, is so big that if it were visible to the naked eye, it would span the width of two full moons in our sky.

Even though graphene is a layer with the thickness of just one atom, it is visible to the naked eye

The largest bacterium, Thiomargarita Namibiensis is so large that it is visible by the naked eye

Jupiter is the fifth planet from our sun and the largest planet in the Solar System with its radius almost 11 times the size of Earth. It is so large that all the other planets in the Solar System could fit inside it and it is visible to the naked eye. According to NASA, it has 53 known moons and 14 more waiting to be confirmed. If Jupiter had been about 80 times more massive, it would have become a star rather than a planet.

An asteroid called 'God of Chaos' Apophis is going to brush the Earth in 2029, 340 meters in width, while most asteroids that pass near our planet aren't bigger than 10m wide. Passing next to the Earth may even cause avalanches on the asteroid's surface. It will be visible to the naked eye.

When are the northern lights visible in alaska?

We can see molecules with the naked eye (specifically collagen inside the eye visible as "floaters")

There are only about 9000 stars visible to the naked eye. Since only half of the sky is above the horizon at any one time, the maximum number of stars that can be visible at once is about 4500.

Despite several being visible to the naked eye, the existence of galaxies other than our own was not proven until the 1920s

About satellite galaxies, which are smaller (dwarf) galaxies that orbit much larger galaxies. The Milky Way Galaxy has several, but the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are the only ones visible to the naked eye given the right conditions.

Even on the darkest possible nights, only about 10 000 stars in total are visible to the naked eye. With 5000 stars per hemisphere it means that at most only 2500 stars can be seen during any night.

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If Uranus had been an eighth object visibly moving among the stars, a week very likely would have eight days. A week has seven days because seven naked-eye objects appear to move among the stars: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

A merger, producing a luminous red nova, is predicted to be visible to the naked eye, reaching magnitude 2, for a few weeks between September 2021 and September 2022.

In Japanese the 5 planets visible to the naked eye (and thus named thousands of years ago) were named for the elements - Mercury is Water-Star, Mars is Fire-Star, etc. That leads to Saturn getting the paradoxical name of Earth-Star.

Red Dwarf stars make up approximately 75% of our galaxy and aren't visible to the naked eye in our sky

The largest bacteria, Thiomargarita namibiensis , is visible to the naked eye.

About Myxogastria, a group of slime molds that can have macroscopic cells (cells individually visible to the naked eye)

Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with a telescope but it is also barely visible with the naked eye

Radioactive substances constantly emit a shower of charged particles that bombard their surroundings. The effect of these particles can actually be made visible to the naked eye!

Guitar strings when played vibrate in a wave shape constantly, and that shape depends on the frequencies of the notes being played, however it is naked to the human eye. A phone camera can make these rapid oscillations visible because it records at a certain frame rate. Here is the result

At 91 light years away, our star would not be visible to the naked eye. Meaning that any alien life form beyond that distance would not even know we exist because we would just be a dark spot in the sky

Radioactive emission of Uranium visible to naked eye in a cloud chamber!

There is a derivative of fentanyl so much more powerful than fentanyl itself that a lethal dose (0.16 micrograms) is barely even visible to the naked eye.

In 1958, the United States Air Force had a top secret plan to detonate an atomic bomb on the Moon. The explosion would have been visible to people on Earth with their naked eye. It was hoped that this show of force would boost people's confidence that USA were leading the Space Race.

Venus will pass Jupiter in late June/early July, 2015 and it will be visible to the naked eye

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