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VISA and MasterCard both started as not-for-profits and only turned in for-profits in 2006-2008

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There are so many credit cards in circulation that they could span a total of 86,981 miles if set side by side. Visa had 800 million in circulation in 2013. American Express had 104 million and MasterCard had 731 million in circulation in 2013.

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  1. Visa and MasterCard share new card details with selected merchants before customers have even received them

  2. In 2010, credit card processors Visa and MasterCard blocked user donations to WikiLeaks that kept the anti-secrecy group from receiving funds.

  3. The first digit in your credit card number signifies the type of card. 3 - American Express/Diners Club; 4 - Visa; 5 - MasterCard; 6 - Discover Card

  4. American Express used to offer discounts to merchants in exchange for them only accepting AE cards. In 1991, when Visa and MasterCard started offering better rates, a group of restaurants in Boston promptly ended their partnership with AE. The "revolt" was known as "the Boston Fee Party".

  5. The first digit of a credit card shows what company the card came from ( 4 is Visa, 5 is Mastercard, etc.)

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