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The Rolex Murder. On July 28, 1996, a man’s body washed up on a trawler in the UK seas. There was no identification on the body except a 25-year-old Rolex Oyster on his wrist. As Rolex maintains such meticulous service records, they were able to ID the victim and ultimately the murderer.

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“Shots to roughly 80 percent of targets on the body would not be fatal blows” and that “if a gunshot victim’s heart is still beating upon arrival at a hospital, there is a 95 percent chance of survival”

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  1. Ships sent to retrieve dead bodies of the victims of the Titanic disaster found so many bodies that they ran out of embalming supplies. They decided to only retrieve bodies of 1st class passengers due to "the need to visually identify wealthy men to resolve any disputes over large estates."

  2. There is a disease that makes the body repair injuries using bone, over the course of many years, this leads to the victim becoming more and more like a statue.

  3. An empty tomb or monument erected in honor of a person whose remains are elsewhere is called a "Cenotaph." For example, there are Cenotaphs all over the world for victims of the RMS Titanic, whose bodies were not recovered after the sinking.

  4. In crime-infested Ciudad Juarez Mexico a city bordering Texas. A forensic expert Alejandro Hernandez uses a secret technique that he created, to rehydrate murdered mummified bodies making it easier to identify fingerprints and facial features from victims left to rot in the desert.

  5. Chicago had a huge heatwave in 1995 that killed hundreds, and that 41 victims' bodies were never claimed. They were buried in a mass grave in Homewood, Illinois.

  6. One of Indiana's most prolific serial killers was the founder of sav-a-lot grocery stores. 11 bodies were found behind his Westfield estate. He is suspected of killing a number of other men found along I-70. Most victims went missing from Indy's gay community.

  7. London is riddled with dozens of 'Plague Pits' of the victims of the Bubonic Plague. Some pits are so thick with bodies it was impossible to drill through the mass of skeletal remains during construction of the Tube

  8. The wick effect: When part of the body is destroyed by fire, the clothing of a victim may soak up melted human fat and act like the wick of a candle.

  9. The recorded cases of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) have these things in common: 1) the victims are chronic alcoholics; 2) they are usually elderly females 3) the body has not burned spontaneously, but some lighted substance has come into contact with it.

  10. Keelhauling was considered one of the worst forms of punishment in naval history. The victims were dragged along the keel of the ship and died frequently because the barnacles on the hull of the ship cut open their body which was incredibly painful.

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Jeffery Dahmer was pulled over in 1978 on suspicion of DUI while trying to dispose of his first victim. A garbage bag containing the dismembered body was in plain view of the police officer. Dahmer talked his way out of trouble and was let go.

The three organs that give electric eels the ability to generate electricity take up four fifths of its body. They can also control their victim's nervous system and muscles via electrical pulses, so they can keep prey from escaping or force it to move so they can locate its position - source

During Holocaust, Treblinka gas chambers were so overcrowded that the bodies of the victims were found standing and kneeling rather than lying down. - source

A serial killer in Canada was disposing of his victims’ bodies in a meat processing factory he owned and sold the remains to the community as food.

Sweat glands don't reproduce in scar tissue. This is why regulating body temperature is very important for victims of serious body burns as they can no longer maintain temperatures normally. - source

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During the 1920s, a devastating illness swept the world without known cause, attacking peoples' brains, leaving victims speechless and motionless. The disease, known as Encephalitis Lethargica, killed nearly a million people and left millions more frozen inside their bodies. No cure was found.

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Serial killer Mack Ray Edwards, a Caltrans subcontractor who would bury some of his victims under the highways he built. Not all the bodies of his victims have been found

Cuexcomate, near Puebla, Mexico, was thought to be the world’s smallest volcano at just 43ft tall, but was later found to be an empty cone of an extinct geyser. The Pueblans threw bodies of suicide victims into it & believed that if you lived around it, you were ‘under the rule of the devil.’

A 50-ft. tall mechanical spider wandered around Liverpool for four days in 2008 as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations. It was operated by 12 people strapped to its body and moved at two mph, causing critics to object to the potentially traumatic effect on arachnophobia victims.

In the 9/11 attacks, an estimated 2,749 people died in the towers, but not even 300 bodies were recovered. Most victims were vaporized.

The well-preserved body of a woman who died from small pox in the 1850s was discovered in an iron coffin in New York City in 2011. The body was originally believed to be a recent homicide victim.

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A man, Sam Ballard, ate a slug on a dare and later died. The slug carried rat lungworms that put him into a coma that lasted more than a year, paralyzed his body and ultimately took his life. In humans these worms often become trapped in the victims brain which leads to the symptoms.

About the Glasmine 43, an anti-personnel mine with a glass body used by the Germans during World War II. The glass shrapnel was not easily detectable via X-Rays, which rendered medical assistance to victims much harder than conventional mines.

Moray eel uses specific technique while hunting other animals. They grab a prey using the element of surprise and wrap its body around it until it becomes flattened enough to be swallowed. Other option is to tear apart the victim and eat it one bite after another.

Fritz Haarmann, a German serial killer who killed at least 24 men and boys. He was known as the "Wolfman" because of his preference for biting through his victims' throats, which he referred to as "love bites." He also dismembered their bodies which he is believed to have sold as mincemeat.

Red-naped snakes use venom to kill their prey. They also squeeze the body of their victims to accelerate their death.

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The Assassin Bug, which wears its victims' body parts as armour.

Assassin bugs perform external digestion. In other words, they inject digestive juices into the victim's body and wait for the internal organs to turn into liquid. Once digestion is completed, assassin bug will eat liquid meal by sucking it with a tube.

About the Highway Serial Killings Initiative (HSK) which began in 2009. For over ten years, the FBI has suspected a network of truck drivers of being responsible for over 700 murders spanning every state but Hawaii. The victims were usually prostitutes whose bodies were dumped along the highway.

Legs on the first body segment are not used for walking. They are modified into venomous fangs which hold the prey and deliver poison into the victim.

During the 2011 San Fernando massacre of 193 people by Los Zetas drug cartel, able-bodied male victims were first made to fight to the death in "gladiatorial combat" with weapons. Survivors were spared and recruited as hitmen.

Charlene Downes a victim of child grooming who disappeared in 2003. Her body was never found but the kebab shop owners who had been grooming her were overheard joking about how she "went into the kebabs".

Time magazine did not praise Hitler by naming him man of the year in 1938. Time's cover shows Hitler as an organist playing an "hymn of hatred" while his victim's bodies dangle from the organ.

The human body sinks in avalanche debris quickly. After the avalanche snow slide has begun to slow, a buried victim should clear space to breathe and punch their hand upward, before the snow slide stops as the snow becomes like concrete immediately.

Corn snakes belong to the group of snakes known as constrictors. These snakes wrap their body around the victim and squeeze it until it dies out of suffocation.

The final known victim of Jack the Ripper was Mary Jane Kelley (1863-1888). Kelley was a bit younger than the other victims, but was living on the edge of society at the time of her murder. She was murdered on November 9 in her room in a boarding house, which was a difference in M.O. from the other murders. After stabbing Kelley in the neck, the Ripper extensively mutilated her body from head to toes.

The first victim to be found was Zachary Longo, Christian's four year old son. His body was found floating in the water at a marina in Waldport, south of Newport, Oregon.

Anaconda is not a venomous snake. It uses strong and muscular body to kill its prey. Like other constrictors, anaconda will grab its victim, wrap its body around the prey and squeeze it until it dies from suffocation.

During the Beslan Massacre in 2004, reports say that at least 80% of the 385 deaths came from indiscriminate Russian fire, where they used flamethrowers, grenades, and even tanks. By the next morning the government took all the debris including victims' body parts and sent it to a garbage dump.

Cookiecutter shark is a carnivore (meat-eater). Its diet is based on large chunks of flesh removed from the body of large mammals and fish (most victims survive attack of cookiecutter shark). Cookiecutter shark often attacks seals, whales, dolphins, tuna, great white sharks and stingrays. It also occasionally attacks divers. Besides chunks of meat, cookiecutter shark also eats squids and crustaceans.

Murder victim Ricky McCormick's body was discovered in a field with two encrypted messages in his pockets. His family claimed him to be illiterate, with no way of writing in code. Attempts to decipher the codes by the FBI were unsuccessful.

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