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Even though almost all planes were grounded during 9/11, there was one non military plane flying after the FAA ordered all planes to land. This one plane was carrying snake anti venom to Florida to save a snake handler’s life after he had gotten bit by a Taipan snake

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Bill Haast began extracting snake venom at 15 years old. He founded the Miami Serpentarium and injected himself with venom for 60+ years. His blood was used to save 21 snakebite victims. He created a venom serum to cure polio. He was bitten over 170 times and lived to be 100.

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  1. 14-year-old Roman Emperor Elagabalus was a cross-dressing, sex-obsessed torture fiend who may have invented the whoopee cushion. He loosed venomous snakes into gladiatorial crowds and released his pet lions and leopards into banquet halls or the bed chambers of his guests.

  2. There was only one plane allowed to take off after flights were grounded on September 11, 2001. It was a plane carrying antivenin to a man bitten by a highly venomous snake.

  3. The Inland Taipan or "fierce snake" is the most venomous snake in the world. However, because of its shy nature and timid nature there has never been a recorded death caused by its bite. The word "fierce" describes its venom, not its temperament.

  4. In 2007 a Doberman Pinscher named Khan saved a baby girl from a deadly King Brown snake attack. At first the dog tried nudging the baby from danger. As the snake was about to strike, Khan grabbed the girl by the diaper, flung her to safety and took a venomous bite to the paw himself.

  5. A man in India set a world record in 1986 by spending 72 hours in a cage with 72 of the most venomous snake species in India; to spread awareness and to prove that snakes don't bite unless provoked. He came out of the cage, unharmed without a single bite.

  6. An Indonesian pop star died on stage earlier this year after she was bitten by the snake she was dancing with - she kept performing for 45 minutes before succumbing to the cobra’s venom

  7. After flights were grounded on 9/11, one plane was allowed to fly. It carried anti-venom from San Diego to Florida to save the life of a snake keeper suffering from a deadly taipan bite. The only other taipan anti-venom was in New York.

  8. Bill Haast, known as "Snake Man," was bitten by venomous snakes more than 170 times. By injecting himself with snake venom daily for over 60 years, he saved countless lives with his antibody rich blood. He lived to be 100.

  9. Karl Schmidt, a herpetologist who was tasked with identifying a juvenile Boomslang snake, when the venomous snake bit him, instead of going to the hospital, Schmidt went home, believing the juveniles couldn’t produce a fatal bite. He recorded all his symptoms in his diary until death.

  10. About a man who is immune to Snake Venom. Tim Friede, has received 160 snake bites in 16 years. This has made his body to develop a natural immune response and generate high levels of antibodies to fight the Snake venom. He even survived the bite of Black Mamba, one of the most venomous snakes

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The Grasshopper mouse is a carnivorous rodent that eats scorpions, snakes, and even kills and eats other mice. It also stalks its prey in the manner of a cat and defends its territory by 'howling' like a wolf while being immune to various venoms.

Opossums not only eat lots of deer ticks, but they are also resistant to venomous snake bites. - source

There is no longer any anti-venom available if you are bitten by a coral snake. Production of coral snake anti-venom ceased in 2008 because pharmaceutical companies found it to be unprofitable. - source

Snake Island. This island has the highest concentration of venomous snakes, travel requires approval by the Brazilian Navy, and a doctor is required to be present during any trip.

Pigs are immune to snake venom, a trait shared with mongoose, honey badgers, and hedgehogs - source

What happens when a venomous snake bites you?

Snake anti venom is made from the neutralising antibodies that a horse produces when it is injected with snake venom

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Australia is the only continent with more venomous snakes than there are non-venomous ones.

All snakes possess venom producing glands, even ones that aren't clinically venomous. Snakes that kill preys through constriction, in particular, use these glands to secrete a lubricant, which helps them swallow the prey.

Mongooses, honey badgers, hedgehogs, and pigs are the only mammals with a natural immunity to snake venom.

Kevin Buddin, an amateur herpetologist, captured a six foot Taipan (the third most venomous land snake in the world) alive and, after being bitten, stopped locals from killing it. He died from the bite, but the snake was milked to provide the first Taipan anti-venom.

Garter snakes will retain poisons they eat in their liver, making themselves temporarily poisonous to their predators. They are also technically venomous, but have long lost the ability to practically use the venom they produce.

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In at least one naval battle, Hannibal of Carthage had clay pots filled with venomous snakes and instructed his sailors to throw them onto the decks of enemy ships.

Opossum's are the only marsupial found in North America. From eating snakes they posses a resistant to rattlesnake, cottonmouth and pit viper venom.

The common practice to produce antivenom comes from horses. They are given very low doses of snake venom over long periods of time. Eventually the blood is taken from the animal, and the antibodies are purified out. The antibodies inside that blood then bind and neutralise the venom.

Snake venom contains proteins that change the odor of the wounded animal, allowing snakes to track their bitten prey by odor. This adaptation allowed rattlesnakes to evolve the strike-and-release bite mechanism, which provided a huge benefit by minimizing contact with potentially dangerous prey.

The deadly Boomslang snake's venom makes you bleed from all of your orifices (nose, gums, eyes, and anus included) until you die

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The King Cobras are cannibals, they eat other snakes. Its venom is a pure neurotoxin. It kills by asphyxiation, brings a complete shutdown of the neuro system and breathing collapses. They can grow up to 18 feet long, king cobra can raise a third of its body and look a human in the eye.

Snake Venom is the ‘World’s Strongest Beer’ at a 67.5% ABV

The southern copperhead (a snake) has a protein in its venom called "contortrostatin" that stops the growth of cancer cells and tumors in mice

More people are killed in U.S each year by cows than by sharks, bears, alligators, lizards, spiders and venomous snakes combined.

A beer called ‘Snake Venom’ by Scottish brewery Brewmeister is the world’s strongest beer. It contains a massive 67.5% alcohol by volume. (Vodka, in comparison, is typically 80 proof, or 40% alcohol).

In Thailand, a concoction of alcohol and the ground root of turmeric is ingested, which has been clinically shown to create a strong resilience against the venom of the king cobra, and other snakes with neurotoxic venom.

A man was bitten by a venomous snake and, instead of seeking medical help, documented his symptoms right up until his death.

Because of its unique venom delivery system, the stiletto snake (newly-discovered earlier this year) is almost impossible to hold safely in the usual way (fingers behind the head) without being bitten. It is capable of stabbing with its independently protruding fangs while its mouth is closed.

Opossums are immune to nearly every snake's venom

Tim Friede, who, after years of injecting snake venom into himself, has developed an immunity to even the Black Mamba's bite

The Inland Taipan, an Australian super snake, has venom so unbelievably deadly that one bite can kill 100 men in under an hour. It also strikes multiple times in a single attack— and it rarely misses

The worlds strongest beer was 67.5% ABV. It was created by Brewmeister and was named Snake Venom. It retailed at £50 for a 275ml bottle. Brewmeister stated it "tastes like a liquor and has a whole host of different flavors, ranging from bubblegum to caramel".

There's a mildly venomous snake in Southeast Asia known as "the flying snake" because it can climb up trees, turn itself into a concave wing, and then glide better than a flying squirrel for up to 100 m.

Snake venom does not travel through the bloodstream, it travels through the lymph system, ointments exist to slow the lymph circulation allowing bite victims more time to seek treatment

Although Australia is home to the largest number of venomous snakes in the world, it averages only one fatal snake bite per year

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