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Over the course of the evolution of mammals, one lower and one upper jaw bone lost their purpose in the jaw joint and were put to new use in the middle ear, giving mammals improved hearing ability.

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Narwhals are one of the only asymmetrical species in the world because their tusk grows out of their upper left jaw

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  1. Cookiecutter shark has extremely large (compared to the rest of the body), triangular-shaped teeth in the lower jaw. Upper jaw is filled with small, erect teeth.

  2. The Tuatara (a reptile native to New Zealand) live well over a hundred years (believed to be 200 years in captivity) remaining fertile (a 111 Male was known to mate to a 80 year old F), have 2 rows of teeth on their upper jaw (a unique trait), and have a third eye in the middle of their head.

  3. Javan rhinoceros has long, pointed upper lip, massive body and short tail. Males have dagger-like, sharp incisors that are used for fight with other males during the mating season. Javan rhinoceros also has 6 broad molars on the each side of the jaw.

  4. Iguanodon had 29 teeth on the each side of the upper jaw and 25 teeth on the each side of the lower jaw. Teeth in the lower jaw were much broader compared with teeth in the upper jaw.

  5. Bulldog has wide jaws, short muzzle, wide, muscular shoulders, short body, short, but powerful legs and short tail. Skin on the face, neck and shoulders is loose and wrinkled. Teeth from the lower jaw are always visible because lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw.

  6. Dusky shark has triangular-shaped teeth in the upper jaw with saw-like edges. Teeth in the lower jaw are narrow, more pointed and finely serrated. Dusky shark has one of the strongest bites in the world of sharks.

  7. Baby teeth are comprised of ten on the upper jaw (maxilla) and ten on the lower jaw (mandible).

  8. Blacknose shark has 12 to 13 rows of teeth in the upper jaw and 11 to 12 rows of teeth in the lower jaw. Teeth are narrow, triangular and serrated on the edges.

  9. A Slowbro has a vacant stare and large eyes, with curled ears and two teeth in its upper jaw.

  10. The design of the dilophosaurus" teeth have led scientists to believe that it may not have been capable of taking down larger prey, as the back teeth in the upper jaw were weekly rooted.

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Carnotaurus had long, slender teeth. It had 16 teeth on the each side of the upper jaw and 15 teeth on the each side of the lower jaw.

Velociraptor had 13 to 15 teeth in the upper jaw and 14 to 15 teeth in the lower jaw. Its teeth were sharp, widely separated and serrated on the edges.

Sand diver has wide mouth filled with numerous, needle-like teeth arranged in several rows in the upper and lower jaw, on tongue and palate.

Speartooth shark has 26 to 29 rows of teeth in the upper jaw and 27 to 29 rows of teeth in the lower jaw. Teeth in the upper jaw are wide, triangular and serrated on the edges. Teeth in the lower jaw are narrow, serrated only near the tips and spear-shaped, hence the name - speartooth shark.

Spinner dolphin has small head, long, thin beak and 45 to 65 sharp teeth on each side of the upper and lower jaw. It has slender body, narrow rib cage and triangular dorsal fin.

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Weakfish has large, slender body with square-shaped tail. It has two large canine teeth in the upper jaw.

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Grey reef sharks have triangular, serrated and very sharp teeth. They usually have 14 teeth in the upper jaw and 13 in the lower jaw.

Tuatara has double row of teeth in the upper jaw and single row of teeth in the lower jaw. Single row of teeth fits the space between the teeth in the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. Since worn out teeth are not replaceable, tuatara switches to soft food later in life.

A Narwhal's tusk is actually a canine tooth that protrudes through the lip, on the left side of the upper jaw. It is a sensory organ used to collect information from the environment around them, and not in-fact used for spearing fish or jousting.

Dog-faced water snake has strong upper jaw and prominent eyes that are located high on the head. Eyes have round pupils. These features are also typical for dogs, hence the name "dog-faced".

Humpback whales are filter feeders. They swallow large amount of sea water and filter the food out of it by using baleen plates (which look like a huge comb) attached to their upper and lower jaw.

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A six year old girl had a tooth lodged inside of her sinuses. When she was two, she suffered a fall that pushed her tooth inside of her upper jaw. The tooth eventually worked its way into her sinus cavity. After suffering sinus symptoms, doctors discovered the four year old tooth intact.

Dwyer's snake has hollow fangs located in the anterior part of the upper jaw. Fangs are connected with venomous glands, found near the eyes. Dwyer's snake uses the venom to kill its prey and to defend itself against predators.

Thorny skate has 36 to 46 rows of teeth in upper and lower jaw.

San Francisco Seals catcher Joe Sprinz attempted to catch a baseball dropped from a blimp 800 feet in the air, but the force of the ball hit his glove with such impact that it broke 12 bones in his upper jaw, fractured 5 teeth, and knocked him out cold.

Mako shark has long, thin, sharp and slightly tilted teeth that are visible even when shark keeps the mouth closed. Teeth are arranged in 12 to 13 rows in the upper jaw and 11 to 12 rows in the lower jaw.

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Spectacled caimans have broad, blunt snout with 14 to 16 pairs of teeth in the upper jaw and 18 to 20 pairs of teeth in the lower jaw.

Jaws of bar jack are filled with numerous slender teeth arranged in narrow bands. Upper jaw contains additional row of enlarged, recurved teeth.

Permanent teeth are comprised of 16 on the upper jaw and 16 on the lower jaw.

African linsang has 38 teeth. Canines are slender and molars are small. Last molar in the upper jaw is missing.

A soviet scientist bred foxes for their tameability which led to a change of their behaviour, but also their appearance : floppier ears, shortened legs, tail, snout, upper jaw, and widened skull.

Eyelash viper has wide, triangular head with large, needle-like fangs in the upper jaw. Eyes have vertical (slit-like) pupils. Eyelash viper has slender body covered with keeled scales.

Remora has numerous small, pointed teeth that are slightly curved inward. Lower jaw is longer than upper jaw.

Blue marlin has elongated body, long tail, pronounced dorsal fin and sharp, spear-shaped upper jaw.

Cuban tree frogs have big orange eyes and 6 rows of teeth (2 in the upper and 4 in the lower jaw).

Commerson's dolphin has 29 to 30 teeth on the each side of lower and upper jaw (they have 116 to 120 teeth in total).

Teeth of dwarf lantern shark are designed for cutting and slicing. There are 20 to 23 rows of teeth in the upper jaw and 30 to 34 rows of teeth in the lower jaw.

In 2003, a doctor was decapitated by an elevator, leaving the upper half of his head inside with another passenger as his body, lower jaw, and left ear fell down the elevator shaft.

Boxer has broad, short skull, floppy ears, big lips and wrinkled face. It has stocky body and long tail. Boxer is best known for its square-shaped jaws and well developed lower jaw which protrudes beyond the upper jaw.

False water rat has prominent incisors, which are orange-yellow colored in the upper jaw and white-colored in the lower jaw.

One treatment for sleep apnea is to break the upper and lower jaw from the skull and to move them forward.

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