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Unsolved Mysteries' host Robert Stack was often skeptical of the paranormal stories that the show covered. While recording narration for the show's segments, he would occasionally turn to his producer and exclaim "come on, Raymond!"

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Hours before his death Edgar Allen Poe was found on the streets of Baltimore. He was incoherent, wearing another man's clothes, and unable to explain how he got there. The cause of his death is an unsolved mystery.

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  1. In 1957, a luxury airliner mysteriously crashed in the Pacific while carrying multiple people with motive, means, and opportunity to cause the disaster. The mystery has been unsolved for almost 60 years.

  2. The show Unsolved Mysteries actually solved 360 mysteries.

  3. A mysterious unsolved murder where two dead men were found wearing lead masks and suits next to a notebook that said "Be at the place arranged at 16.30. Take capsules at 18.30. After feeling the effects, protect half the face with lead masks. Await the agreed signal."

  4. The Dyatlov Pass Incident. The mysterious unsolved death of 9 hikers who tore through their tents naked in sub-0 temperatures. 7 died of hypothermia, one of a fractured skull, one female team member had her tongue and eyes missing. Offical cause of death: "unknown compelling force"

  5. The Unsolved Hinterkaifeck Mystery. German farmer found footprints leading from the woods to his farm, but no footprints going back. Days later he was murdered along with his whole family.

  6. Matthew McConaughey was a dramatization actor on Unsolved Mysteries before he was famous

  7. In 2011 the FBI attempted to use crowdsourcing to decrypt a mysterious code found on a murder victim. The code has yet to be decrypted and the murder case remains unsolved.

  8. An unusual phenomenon associated with desert sands is their 'singing' or booming. Various hypotheses have been advanced to explain the phenomenon, such as those based upon the piezoelectric property of crystalline quartz, but the mystery remains unsolved."

  9. The show Unsolved Mysteries once blew up a church and that Matthew McConaughey's first professional acting gig was on the show.

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Matthew McCounaughey's first professional acting gig was playing a murder victim on Unsolved Mysteries - source

Back in 1959 9 hikers died in a mysterious, until today unsolved case in the Dyatlov pass in the soviet union. - source

Matthew McConaughey made his on screen debut on "Unsolved Mysteries."

The opening of the first Jeepers Creepers movie was inspired by a murder case covered in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. - source

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The Hinterkaifeck murders case is one of the longest unsolved murder mystery from last 97 years. The case file is still open and experts still try to solve it. Five family mambers, one maid on her first day of work and one ingured dog. There are many theories but no trace of killers.

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Robert Stack, host of Unsolved Mysteries set two world records for skeet shooting in 1971

A Polish soldier named, Charles Domery had a bizarre appetite were he never got full. He ate cats, leather, candles, grass, a human leg, and was never sick, and it is an unsolved medical mystery.

Dr. Elliott Speer was a controversial principal who was shot and killed in 1934 by someone sitting in a tree outside his office window. The act resembled almost exactly the plot of a popular mystery book, which Speer owned. The murder remains unsolved.

About the unsolvable mystery of the Voynich manuscript. This 240 pages undeciphered text contains strange images and has baffled the world for centuries. Experts carbon dated the piece circa 1420, but little else is known.

Matthew McConaughy got his big break playing a murder victim in Unsolved Mysteries

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Cheryl Hines appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in 1997 in a re-enactment as the mother of a child that was abused by her nanny

All of the Unsolved Mysteries episodes have been officially released on YouTube

The Oakville Blobs, a think, gelatinous rain that caused people exposed to the substance to contract severe flu-like symptoms while killing pets that were outside at the time of the rain. The substance turned out to consist largely of human white blood cells and remains an unsolved mystery

Actor Matthew McConaughey got his start playing a murder victim on Unsolved Mysteries

Tati Westbrook had an acting career prior to becoming one of the best known beauty consultants on Youtube. She appeared on several programs including Unsolved Mysteries.

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Matthew McConaughey once acted in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries

About the unsolved mystery of Dyatlov Pass. It is about the mysterious death of 9 ski-hiker in Ural Mountain in the Soviet Union(Russia). Nobody knew what actually happened that unfaithful night and what cause the life of those nine hikers.

About The Death of Alexander the Great: One of History's Great Unsolved Mysteries

The killer of the Ormesher sisters remains Ormskirk's unsolved murder mystery and one of the most talked about murders in Lancashire and Merseyside - with the killer still being unknown to this day.

Matthew McConaughey got his acting start playing a murder victim on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. And as is expected, he's shirtless!

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