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The Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew subsists on a diet roughly equivalent to 100% beer, drinking the fermented nectar of the flower buds of the bertam plant. This nectar can reach up to 3.8% alcohol content. Despite this, they don't appear to get drunk.

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There are tarsiers, Bornean gibbons, and orang-utans in Kinabalu National Park but it is rare for visitors to actually see these mammal species. The most commonly seen creatures are the squirrels, mouse deer, and tree shrews.

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  1. Leopard cats are carnivores (meat-eaters). Their diet consists mainly of rodents, shrews, hares, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and eggs. They hunt both on the ground and in the trees.

  2. Most shrews are terrestrial animals. Some of them live both on the ground and on the trees. Certain shrews are semi-aquatic (they live near the water). Those that live near the water have stiff hairs on the feet used for "running" across the water surface by trapping the bubbles of air.

  3. The animal that drinks the most alcohol after humans is the Malaysian pen-tailed tree-shrew.

  4. Tree shrews are the only mammal aside from humans known to deliberately seek out spicy foods

  5. A pitcher plant in Borneo gets its nutrition from tree shrews that use it as a toilet.

  6. Nepenthis lowii, a pitcher plant that survives without preying on insects. It has instead evolved into a natural toilet for tree shrews, sustaining itself on their droppings.

  7. A species of a pitcher plant (Nepenthes lowii) attracts tree shrews to feed on its nectar and DEFECATE into the pitcher to provide more nitrates and nutrients to the plant.

  8. Researchers have induced myopia in animals such as chickens, tree shrews and monkeys. They prevent light from reaching the eyes by temporarily sewing them shut or covering them. Without input from the outside world, the young animals’ eyes overgrow and become severely nearsighted

  9. Tree Shrews use pitcher plants as toilets

  10. A pitcher plant in Borneo evolved into a tree shrew toilet to get its nutrients

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