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The scene in Fight Club where Tyler is explaining the cost of a recall when "A car built by my company crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside" is based on ACTUAL leaked memos from GM and Ford.

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A swarm of 20,000 bees once followed a car for two days because their queen was trapped inside the car.

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what if the cure for cancer is trapped inside?

  1. A factory worker saved 34 lives from the 9-story Rana Plaza collapse. Against all warnings, he climbed inside the rubble to pull people to safety. When a doctor was too afraid to go in to amputate the limbs of some that were trapped, the worker took a knife and did it himself to save them.

  2. When an Army depot was built in 1941, a herd of white deer with a recessive gene were trapped inside. This created a whole heard of the rare deer to flourish inside.

  3. 14-year-old Marcos Ugarte. When his neighbor’s home went up in flames, he climbed a ladder held by his father, entered the burning home and saved an 8-year-old's life who was trapped inside. He said, “I can’t say I really consider myself a hero. I think anyone would have done what I did.”

  4. A man spent 12 years trapped inside his body watching ‘Barney’ reruns

  5. George Lucas got his head stuck inside the mouth of Bruce the mechanical shark from Jaws. Steven Spielberg thought it would be funny to close its mouth on him as a prank, but Bruce malfunctioned and George was trapped

  6. It's possible to trap a laser's beam inside a stream of water, which will result in the beam being guided by the stream.

  7. In 1914, Frank Lloyd Wright's manservant murdered 7 people, including Wright's mistress, by trapping them inside the dining room of the original Taliesin, setting the house on fire, and taking an ax to victims who tried to escape.

  8. The reason why refrigerators are magnetized. Until the Refrigerator Safety Act in 1956 refrigerators could only open from the outside and many children died from getting trapped inside them.

  9. In the original Pinocchio novel, Pinocchio spends several months as a donkey, performing in a circus until he breaks his leg, gets sold, and is drowned in the ocean for his leather. The puppet inside survives, trapped in the dead donkey form until a school of fish eats away the flesh.

  10. Scientists conducted research to see how children would react when trapped inside a fridge

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Armenian S. Karapetyan,a 17-time finswimmer world champion, heard the sound of a crash during a 12mi run and saw a bus sinking into a lake.He dove 33ft deep, rescuing 20 people,one at a time.9 years later, he rushed into a burning hospital to save people trapped inside, suffering severe burns.

During the 2003 Station nightclub fire, a bouncer stopped people from escaping through the stage exit, saying it was "for the band only." A narrow hallway and panic led to the front doorway blocking completely, trapping many inside. 100 people died in total. - source

A large amount of people who died when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 crashed into water in fact drowned, because they inflated their life jackets while still inside the cabin and so got trapped inside by the rising water - source

An ancient Persian method of execution called Scaphism. The word comes from Greek, meaning "anything scooped (or hollowed) out". It entailed trapping the victim inside two boats, feeding and covering him with milk and honey, and allowing him to fester and be devoured by vermin.

The thick granitic lava that forms rhyolite cools quickly, and pockets of gas remain trapped inside of the lava, eventually forming the vugs, where the materials precipitate as ground water or hydrothermal gases move through.

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Bladderwort actively pumps water out of the bladders and creates vacuum inside each trap. Bladder has flexible "doors" equipped with bristles on the surface. When small animals get in touch with bristles, trap automatically opens and "ingests" water with prey (vacuum induces suction of water)

How heat from inside the earth is trapped as a source of energy?

Flowers of Dutchman's pipe are covered with hairs from the inside. Hairs keep insects trapped inside until they become covered with pollen completely (they act like fly-trap).

Formed pitcher serves as a trap for insects. Green pitcher plant produces nectar which attracts different types of insects. Once insects end up trapped inside a tube, downwards-oriented hairs prevent their escape. Digestive enzymes in the pitcher soon transform them into valuable nutrients that plant can absorb.

The Diamond Anvil Cell, a device made by trapping material between two precision-cut diamonds, that can recreate pressures as intense as the insides of planets - up to 7.7Mbar!

The deadliest traffic accident in history happened in 1986. Two military vehicles collides in a 3 km long tunnel, and hundreds of cars became trapped inside. The resulting carbon monoxide buildup of all those idling cars killed over 170 people.

During U2's 1997 PopMart tour, the band would emerge from a hollow mechanical lemon that opened at the start shows. During a concert in Japan, the lemon malfunctioned, leaving the band members trapped inside.

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When Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 crashed into the sea, some of the fatalities were drownings caused by passengers inflating their life vests inside the plane, which trapped them inside the fuselage when it flooded

Air trapped inside hedgehogs can make them blow up like a balloon. They should be carefully deflated with a syringe before they burst.

After the First Qin Emperor's funeral ceremony, the tomb's inner passageway was blocked, and the outer gate lowered, immediately trapping all the workers and craftsmen inside. None could escape.

Scientists use the ice caps to learn about the earth's history. Dust and gas and other compounds became trapped in the ice over millions of years and this can be harvested and studied to learn about changes in the climate of earth in the past. This ice is extracted using ice core drilling to pull ice samples from deep inside the ice cap.

A Thorne–Żytkow object is the idea of a star that consists of a neutron star trapped inside of a red supergiant star (otherwise known as "the weirdest stars in the universe") and that in 2014 the star HV 2112 was discovered to be a strong candidate for this type of star.

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In banana slugs sometimes the penis becomes trapped inside the body of the partner. Apophallation allows them to separate themselves by chewing off the other's or their own penis. Once the penis has been discarded, they are still able to sexually reproduce due to being hermaphrodites.

Sea Otters have the worlds thickest fur coat that traps warm air inside which allows them to comfortably wade in freezing waters despite their disadvantages of having little blubber, land animal characteristics and losing heat easily with their small stature.

The POTUS's car can fire rocket-propelled grenades, only a trained Secret Service agent can open the passenger doors and the President can never escape the car if he gets trapped inside

Although made of snow, an igloo can actually be 100 degrees warmer on the inside than it is on the outside. Igloos are made from compacted snow which does not transfer heat because it is mostly trapped air.

Last year, 10 adult polar bears besieged a weather station on Troynoy Island, trapping scientists inside for two weeks.

Mother's Day in Albania is celebrated on March 8th because in the early 20th century a group of mothers who worked at a factory began going on strike, with March 8th being the date the factory shut down, with the workers trapped inside. A fire later broke out, killing 129 of the mothers.

Floyd Collins, a Kentucky cave explorer, became trapped inside the Sand Cave in 1925 shortly after he discovered it. After being trapped down there for 14 days, he perished on Friday the 13th of February, a day before Valentine's day. His tombstone reads "The Greatest Cave Explorer Ever Known"

Diet of blue-winged leafbirds consists of insects, fruits, berries and nectar. These birds play important role in the pollination of the forest flowers. When they come close to the flower to drink nectar, they collect pollen and transfer it to the next flower. Blue-winged leafbirds use sharp bill to pierce the skin of the fruit and reach the juice trapped inside.

Figs are not vegan friendly because wasps that pollenate them are trapped inside the flower and die in what then becomes the fruit.

At least 200 people died trapped in elevators inside the twin towers on 9/11

The Astronauts on the Mir space station ran out of oxygen and were trapped outside the station because of a broken airlock. They ended up having to depressurize another section in order to get back inside.

Fetus in fetu that occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. The trapped fetus can survive as a parasite even past birth by forming an umbilical cordlike structure that leaches its twin's blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to harm the host.

Figs are not considered vegan because they are pollinated by wasps, and during this process, results in the wasp being trapped inside the fruit causing them to die.

A man was in a coma for 12 years, but became mentally aware again after 2 years. He spent the next 10 years trapped inside of his own mind.

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